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Last updated: August 16, 2019

Something that really bothers me is fake people , there will always be people that will switch up on you . They will talk bad about you to other people but they won’t say it to your face ,that’s why you shouldn’t trust anybody ,  because when you tell a person your secrets and all of a sudden that person doesn’t want to talk to you anymore or he/she doesn’t like you they will tell EVERYONE your secrets and maybe that was the person you trusted the most but now you realized that you can’t trust anyone anymore . These people will do whatever they can to make you look bad , that’s their top priority. But at the end of the day they are the ones that look bad because they did all those messed up things to you . They will always be hating on you too , which means they will say lies or make fun of you for every little thing , but the only reason why they do that is because they are either jealous or you have something that they can’t .

People like this will learn their lesson because that’s not the way life goes , just talking bad about other people for no reason ! they will never succeed in life if they keep it up ,they have to think about how the other people feel too , put themselves in their shoes , how would they feel if someone was saying all of those things about them ? but they don’t do that because they’re selfish and they only think about themselves , they don’t care what you feel or what you do , they will only worry about them and no one else .Eventually they will see the right side of things and realize that what they were doing was wrong. Some of them will regret it but in the other hand others won’t , but what you have to do is ignore everything they do or say because if they see that what they did upset you then they’ll realize that you care what they do and it will do nothing but make them stronger , they will start saying even more things , doing more , just because you showed them that it hurt you . That’s why you just stay happy and make them see that they’re stupid actions won’t harm you . Don’t let them bring you down .   You will have people coming in and out of your life but the ones that stick with you are the real ones . Some of these fake people will only use you , ask you to do things for them and then once you give them what they want they will back stab you by not appreciating whatever you did for them and talking bad about you . After all you just have to keep your head up , show these people that what they are doing can’t hurt you , don’t make them stronger .

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Sometimes you will even be surprised because the people you thought would never do that are the ones that do it . There’s way better things in life to even be worried about what these people have to say , the world we live in is FILLED with snakes that will come and go , some of them might bring you down a little but you get right back up .

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