Sometimes had only one option. To do extremely

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Last updated: September 5, 2019

Sometimes I sit I was born inlagos . one of the most developed city in my country, but 2 weeks after i wasborn, my dad got laid off from work and we had to  move to a small town onitsha in anambrastate. a  town where poverty, violence ,armed robbery and kidnapping were key aspects of the landscape, my childhoodwas rough, i was one of the lucky ones to survive childhood with my healthintact and my ambitions still insight. The poverty and deleterious effects ofall the violence in my neighbouood crushed the dreams of many of my peers. manyfinished primary school but that was it. free education ends in primary school level.

few went on college. evenat that, most are now unemployed or dead.To an outsider,my family lived a comfortable life, some might even think we were priviledgedbut that perception was far from reality. We were barely surviving through mymother earning a minimum wage as a teacher. The future was bleak becauseeducation was the only guaranteed way to success in the country but it wascostly. Not affordable to people in my class. I had only one option. To doextremely well in school so as to be admitted into the highly competitive tutionfree  Federal unity schools.

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there wasn’taother option and I knew what I had to do, I studied well, got admitted and mylife was forever changed. In Nigeria it’s a normal belief that to stand achance of being employed, you have ti study medicine or engineering but thefirst day I stepped into our newly constructed computer lab in highschool ,seeing the few things this lovely machine could do. I was was love atfirst sight. I knew this was my career path. With the everincreasing advancement in technology. It would be very difficult to ignore theimportance of information technology in the businsess and technical world.

It is against this milieu that I haverealized the need to pursue further education in IT at The University of Texasat El Paso in order to realize my career objectives. After carefulconsideration, it has become clear to me that pursuing a thriving career in ITin the present technological and business world demands advanced training in ITand similar subjects. I chose to enroll my masters program with you because Iam a strong enthusiast of your research centers and facilities, and also yourflexible curriculum wchich will give me a chance to earn a cyber security certificateat the same time. I consider this very cruciall in attaining greater academicexcellence.

I am also motivated by an understanding of the ever-changingreality of the technological world and the need to boost my own proficiency andprofessional aptitude. A good number of exceptional intellectualsfrom Nigeria have studied overseas to improve their knowledge and skills andthis has proved significant in the development and growth of Nigeria’s economy.I anticipate doing the same by expanding my global viewpoint, enhancing mylanguage abilities, and improving my comprehension of Informaton technology.  

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