Sometimes their kids. If they keep their children,

accepting something one doesn’t believe in can lead to growth and maturity.

These can be seen in the changes of our views on teenage moms, homosexuality,
and prisoners working.

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             Teenage moms become mature by accepting their
own circumstances and taking care of their own children. They have to face criticisms
from society because society views their actions as sins. Because of pressure,
teenage moms have to decide the lives of their kids. If they keep their
children, they have to take the responsibilities of looking after their kids.

Therefore, they accept their pasts and continue on in life with confidence.

open-mindedness towards homosexuality can lead to growth. In the past,
homosexual people could not get married, or shared properties. Nowadays,
government legalizes homosexual marriage. This can be seen as the first step of
accepting them. More and more people change their opinions. They no longer see
them as inferior, they see them as the same as heterosexuals.

our opinions on prisoners working can make us mature. We used to see prisoners
as dangerous people and wouldn’t let them work because they committed crimes.

However, having prisoners work benefits society because it reduces taxes and
prisoners can generate their own costs in prisons. Society grows because it no
longer sees prisoners as people who can only use brutal force and cunningness. It
sees prisoners as people who can better our lives .

             To conclude, changing our opinions on homosexuality,
teenage moms, and prisoner workings can make a great difference. It not only
makes us grow, it also helps our society matures.


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