Son of man

Upon Jesus’ life in the gospels he was perceived in different ways and each perspective has its own meaning and interpretation.

In this essay we will be looking at these titles and by using these quotes and passages from Mark and the old testament identify the significance of these titles for Christians today while looking at the sources and basis of these and draw up our own conclusions.Son of manThis is the title Jesus gave to himself and no one else in the time of Jesus used it to describe him.It dates back to the book of Daniel 7:13- 14. Through Daniels vision we notice that the Son of man has authority. This belief is linked to Mark 2:10, here the Son of man has authority to forgive sins and Mark 2:28 he is lord of the Sabbath. Roman Catholics believe that the priest is acting as the person of Jesus in the confession as he has authority to forgive sins (Mark 2: 1- 2). They also believe that he is seated at the right hand of the father, this is derived from the Nicene Creed.From Daniel Christians also believe that Jesus was saying he was the one who would come and judge the earth, (Mark 8: 37, 14: 62).

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Jesus is also linked to the suffering servant of Isaiah, as if we look at Jesus’ baptism God says he is his Son whom he is well pleased with and with the servant he uses the same words. As well as Jesus who says he is on who will suffer and die for others, he identifies himself with the servant, the servant and so some scholars believe that when Jesus identifies the mission of the Son of Man he is connecting it with the suffering servant of Isaiah.From this Christians believe the Son of Man as one who suffers, dies and rises again, Christians believe he died fro us, Mark 10: 48, in order to save us from sin and eternal death. Christians understood the title Jesus being fully God and fully human.

Today it emphasises how human Jesus is, it is not a denial of his deity however, infect he clearly claimed to be God many times (Matt 16: 16- 17; John 8:58; John 10:30).In the psalms and Ezekiel it is used as a poetic term for a human being, so this title also stresses that in the time of Jesus the term Son of man simply meant as an ordinary man.Christians today believe the Son of man overcome death because God raised him to life to judge us and our sins and this emphasised in Revelation 11:15.MessiahFor Christians today, the Messiah has a sense of someone who fulfils everyone’s hopes; the one everybody is waiting for. For the Jesus is the promised one.In the Old Testament, Jews were expecting a warrior, a king and a descendant of David (Micah 5:2). Some believed he would rid Israel of the Romans and reunite the 12 tribes for the return of Jerusalem.

Christians believe Jesus came to bring in Gods rule and to overcome His enemies and to establish everlasting justice and peace but he would do this through his death and resurrection. They believe through his death and resurrection that the kingdom of God has begun.They believe that the kingdom of everlasting life will only come through the Messiah and in order to enter we must share his life.I think that Jesus is the Messiah and is God’s son. The main reason for this conclusion is that if we refer to Mark 9:2-13 the transfiguration Jesus shone white like an angel and God spoke from the cloud to the 3 disciples Peter, James and John “This is my own dear son- listen to him!” For Christians the Messiah has come, he is the son of David, the promised Christ and true king and when he returns for a second time he will bring the Kingdom of God with him.

Son of GodThe title originates from the Old Testament where this name referred to Angels (Gen 6:2), Kings (Ps 2:7), good people (Wis 2:18) or the people of Israel overall (Exodus 4:22).Christians believe the title meant he had Gods divine nature, which makes him stand out from the other “sons of God”.Christians believe that through God’s son, people will all be united to God and Jesus is the one who fulfils Gods purpose for human life. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God in a unique way and call him ‘the only son of God ‘ and all others ‘adopted sons’.

Adopted sons is a strange interpretation but actually means that they are adopted by sharing Jesus’ life.Jesus is called the Son of God at his baptism (Mark 1: 9-12) and his transfiguration (Mark 9: 20-13) he is even referred as God the son in places ” the father and I are one” (Jn 10:30); “whoever has seen me has seen the father” (Jn 14: 9). For Christians this means that Jesus is the second person of the trinity- God the son and so calling Jesus in such a way that it suggests he is God and that he has always existed together with the Father and the Holy spirit.The Nicene Creed sums up the Christians point of view of the Son of God. The Nicene Creed speaks of Jesus’ birth, suffering, death, resurrection and his return to judge.

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