“Sooner violence, love, spirituality, and the argument of

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“Sooner or later they will catch us and they will kill us,” the unnamed mother said. The quote explains how their world is filled with violence, the violence then becomes a part of their the character in the books life.

The violence for them is everywhere the characters in the story are used to the violence they see. The society they live in is proof of what could happen to our society if we continue with the violence that is still going on. The author Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road is about violence, love, spirituality, and the argument of good vs evil. The main characters in this book are not named, since the characters don’t have names I think that the story could happen to anyone.

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The only character that was named was Ely, a old man that is given food. The start of the book is a man and a boy, they  are sleeping in the woods. The man wakes up from a dream from which he sees a monster with dead eyes.

The man and the son go through a nuclear war and struggle to survive. The man and the son kept walking through the woods, towns, etc., and they go through many adventures. They also went through many misfortunes an example is when the man and the son went to what seemed like a abandoned house and found many people in a basement. The people in the basement scream “help us”, but the father knew that other people were going to arrive and try to kill them to do he decides to leave them. The son and father go to the coast where the father gets even more sick, they then find a family toward the end of the book. The father dies and the son is said to still carry the fire even though the father is not there with  him.

 Violence, spirituality, love, and good vs bad are issues in our society. Violence occurs in the book and in our society, it shows how if we don’t unite, everything will end up bad. Spirituality is also a issue in our society because there are many thoughts of what religion they are, whether they believe in god or not. Love in our society just like in theirs it is conflicting.

Last but not least, the argument of good vs evil is also a issue because the justice system isn’t always fair toward everyone. Violence in our world is a problem, nobody agrees to anything because people have different opinions about things. Different views can lead up to violence because people argue about the topic and they try to defend their point of view. There is also a different violence that is in our streets, there are terrorist attacks, fighting, killings/murders, etc., because of different points of views. The violence in their society is people killed because others want to survive. Although the violence that is in the book and the violence that we have in our society are different they are in a way similar.

The book is telling us what can happen with different views of things and how people turn to more extreme solutions to their problems. Spirituality is something that many people also have different opinions on. My opinion about spirituality is that people should have a religion because it helps them to either do better or perform better in everyday things.

Having a religion helped the boy have a more peace of mind and helped him think that something better was coming and everything would get better although no one else believed and had given up hope. Religion for me is a something that helps me perform better and it tells me I have a role. In my opinion everything happens for a reason and things will get better for those who believe in it. Some people do have the same views that I do, but not everyone does and that’s why it’s so controversial in both our society and the book’s society.

People have different opinions and reasons to why they think that way and it is perfectly fine for them to think that way as long as they can back up their thinking with evidence. Love is something in the book and in real life that is very hard to explain. In the book the man and the son have a complicated relationship, not once do they say I love you, but they do care for each other in different ways. The father cares for the son and wants to protect him, while showing him the world. In our society kids and parents don’t really communicate like the son and the father did. No one in our world would think of killing their child when they die or giving them a coke because they’ve had one, the issues in the book are different than the ones that we have. Although this seems like it’s not a problem in our society it is because the love they have for each other goes past the chaos that is going on in their world.

In our society we go through many things and parents don’t really have the time of day to make sure that their child is doing well, the book is telling us to enjoy every minute that we have. In our society things are more busy and we don’t have a relationship like the father and son do that we would do the impossible to achieve the goal. Last but no least, the Good vs Evil argument which is the justice system. In the book the man kills a different man that tries to steal the boy, but he assures the son they are still the good guys. In our society people do things and they are not fully charged for the crime based on how they look, act, or what they do. There are many cases of people being convicted for a crime and being set free because what they did was “not bad” or “they had to do it”. The crimes are done, but they are still set free, and there are people that didn’t do anything and aren’t involved in the crime, but they are still charged and spend time in prison. The justice system is not as bad as it was many years ago, and there are many cases, but it still has a few things that are still not changed.

 Although there are many issues that our society has I only listed a few. The author Cormac McCarthy put many of our problems into the book. The author made the book sound like a sad story to enhance the problems that we have and make them more intense. The book sounds more intense and has problems that could happen to anyone if they go to extremes. Violence, spirituality, love, and good vs bad are issues in both our society and in The Road. 

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