SoundCloud 2012, it has ten million registered users. Then

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Last updated: September 17, 2019

SoundCloud waslaunched in 2008. At first originally SoundCloud was proposed to allow themusicians to share and discuss their recordings, but after some time it waschanged into a publishing site or tool for intensive music distribution acrossthe world.

In 2011, SoundCloud have 5 million registered users and it keeps on increasing.At start of 2012, it has ten million registered users. Then in May 2012, it wasreported that SoundCloud have more than 15 million registered users, and SoundCloudsite usage is consistently increasing by more than one and half million usersevery month. In 2013, SoundCloud exceed forty million registered users andlisteners were growing very speedily by 20 million every month. These resultsshow that now-a-days people love music and they carry their smart devices alongwith them everywhere and want to enjoy the environment according to their taste.It’s becoming more trending that people love to listen music of their choicewhile traveling, waiting for someone, within gatherings, small parties etc.

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Thiskeeps them in good mood and helps them to enjoy the environment. As everyperson have its own taste in music. So, everyone have at-least one music appwithin their smart devices, this can be any app to search, play, listen musicbut people face difficulties while searching music. SoundCloud targeted thisaudience and provide them with a perfect app.

People love to use this app, canshare their favorite songs, tracks and able to create their own playlists.And now more than170 million tracks are available on SoundCloud, in these tracks and playlists there’sconstantly something fresh for everyone too stuck with or to stream, share tostream, share. For listeners who wish for discovering music first, the newSoundCloud helps them by providing recommendations, personalized playlists, andcultural-focused content and some futuristic mainstream charts.

For a fresh uniquelook, and a new means of delivering what a music lovers stream as well as share,the New SoundCloud includes, Newly Featured Playlists, Hip Hop Supreme (playlists consisting of the trending hot rap tracks), DJ Mix (playlist that lookat different sounds of DJ mixes), updating weekly for keeping users tuned withlatest artists and tracks, personalized playlists which are based on userslistening behavior, home screen music appearance availability, frequentlyupdated playlists of most up-to-date music on the basis of what user like, ableto discover musical soul-mates within SoundCloud society and helps to findtracks that user loves, music that reflects according to the current culturalhappenings, staying tuned with the tracks, causing buzz with charts, significantlyconsidering which tracks are played most in user’s country with Top 50 charts(based on users current location across the world), dedicated to serving usersthat what’s coming up next in music and sustaining new rising artists, Spotlightingwhat’s new happening at the platform in the playlists like The SoundCloudPlayback, The SoundCloud Next Wave, and much more, Now you can also able toeasily Share your SoundCloud stats with the world by means of SoundCloud Pulseapp.Now SoundCloud is making its workings faster in support of theSoundCloud creators to have fun and rejoice their achievements with latestshareable characteristics of stats cards. For this, all what creators requiredto do is, download the stats card from SoundCloud Pulse app, and after thatcreator can quickly took snapshots of their plays and likes, comments, shareand reposts to several other social media platforms linked with SoundCloudPulse app. This is done only because As Emerging and recognized creators onSoundCloud platform are gaining success everyday so it’s really important tovalue the achievements and successes.

So in this manner, new Stats cards updatepresents a new way for the creators to celebrate their success, buildconnections with others, and for bright career on the SoundCloud. Since it’sthe latest feature so you have to be familiar with how to share stats fromSoundCloud Pulse app? First go to Stats page within the SoundCloud Pulse app. Secondly;hit the “Share icon”, which generates an image of your tracks stats, in whichyour plays, likes, comments and reposts are integrated. Then all what you haveto do is click the “Share button” for sending the image or sharing the image ofstats via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform where the SoundCloudPulse app allowed you to unite with your fans. On the other hand for judgingagainst your past, current or future stats, you can capable to download thisimage for later use. You can also use the #SoundCloudStats hashtags for lettingknow your supporters or fans about your SoundCloud journey. SoundCloud alwaysremain in touch with its users and keep motivating them to accomplish, achieveand succeed by growing their career on SoundCloud!

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