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Last updated: April 26, 2019
1 billionth person for India

Independence of India and separation of Pakistan (both east and west)

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chain of Islands (Maldives)

High Tech region found in India where many jobs are being outsourced to

Caste System
The social system found in India

Constitutional monarchy
form of government found in Nepal and Bhutan. Rulers power is limited by the Constitution

Type of plate boundary that created the Himalayas

Also known as a hurricane or typhoon, tropical storms with high winds. Cyclones occur in Indian Ocean

Description of the languages in India



Highest peak in the world. World’s highest mountain can be found in the Himalayas.

Extreme long time without food that can lead to massive amounts of deaths

About 60% or more people in India are doing this as their job

Feni River Dam
Example of HEI with the construction of a dam to control the water supply in Bangladesh.

Built with sandbags carried by residents

Major negative for the monsoons during wet season

Ganges River
The religious river found in India that is highly polluted. Important river system

Mountains in Southern India that act as a wall by blocking much of the rain

Great Britain
This country colonizd India and surrounding areas until 1947. Controlled most of South Asia in the 20th century.

Green Revolution
This revolution increased the agricultural yields in India. Consisted of expanding farm land, double cropping, genetic seed improvements

Person who was given credit for getting to the summit of Everest first

Highest mountain chain in the world. Separates South Asia from the rest of the Continent.

Most common form of religion found in South Asia.

Dominate religion in India

Indus, Ganges
Rivers that makeup the Indo-Gangetic Plain

Religion found in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Most widely practiced in Pakistan.

Northern region in India that has conflict over religion, politics, and water. Controlled by India, Pakistan and China.

small amount of money given to people who are willing to start their own business.

Leader that fought for civil rights in USA that took many of Gandhi’s ideas

Wind system that either brings heavy rain fall or extreme dry conditions. Summer monsoon brings rainfall for most of the region’s yearly water supply.

This high elevation country’s economy is based on tourism and has a highland climate

Nonviolent Resistance
This was the main approach of Gandhi.

Does not use violence.

Type of literature that is important to Pakistan culture

Month of fasting

Ethnic group in Nepal, most well known for being porters /guides on Everest. Guided mountain climbers.

Carried equipment.

Type of farming found in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Grow enough to feed your family.

Sri Lanka
Tropical rain forrest

Thar Desert
Also known as Great Indian Desert

Climate found in Maldives and Sri Lanka

Former East Pakistan, rebelled against West Pakistan and become independent country

Buddhism and Hinduism
Religions originated in South Asia

India Economy
Growth among world’s largest over past 20 years. Agriculture is the most common economic activity.

Jawaharlal Nehru
First leader of a Free India

Indo-Gangetic Plain
Supports much of India’s population because the soil deposited by rivers create excellent farmland.

Example of Alluvial plain

Northern Mountain Chain
also known as Himalayas, is the physical feature that isolates South Asia from East of the Continent.

Large landmass that is smaller than a continent

Lowest individual in the caste system

Mohandis Gandhi
lead peaceful protest to help India gain freedom from colonial power, Great Britain

Largest democracy in the world. Population increase is the biggest worry in India.

means separation and refers to the division of India in 1947 into India and East/West Pakistan

Great River system of India
Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra

Mughal Empire
Empire established by Muslim invaders in India in early 1500s

Hindi word for reign, used to identify the period of British rule over India

Sikhs and Tamils
Killed Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

official language of India. Hundreds of languages are spoken there including English

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