Space containers, and their removal and displacement to the

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Space of stores and supermarkets. In these areas, it isnecessary to clean interior windows, mirrors, lighting, display cases, coatracks, changing rooms, and counters, with daily cleaning of carpets with avacuum cleaner, and dust cleaning with a cloth or duster.

Fingerprints onmirrors, glass and display units should be removed as soon as possible, toavoid an image of poor maintenance of shopping centers. It is also important touse systems to neutralize odors and generate a pleasant feeling when cleaningsupermarkets.Cleaning of warehouses and loading docks. The storage andunloading areas of products of any mall must be swept and scrubbed with pilotedmachinery. It is also advisable to clean shelves, cold rooms, walls, ceilings,and lighting, with steam cleaning machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, andchemical products that are more appropriate for each case.

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General maintenance.Displacement of selective garbage containers, and wastetreatment. Also, the company in charge of the cleaning of shopping centers cantake charge of the cleaning maintenance of the waste containers, and theirremoval and displacement to the corresponding clean point.Control and treatment of pests. Given that the storage of ahuge amount of merchandise takes place in the shopping centers, it is essentialto include adequate pest control to avoid millions of losses and a verydamaging image for the customers as well as the corresponding sanctions by theauthorities.

The planning and control are carried out by cleaning companies ofshopping centers based on a set schedule, and possible interventions at any timedeemed necessary, depending on the type of goods with which you work.Duct cleaning and air conditioning systems. This is anotherof the fundamental tasks that are also usually dealt with by cleaning companiesin shopping centers, since these are spaces where a large number of people fromvery different backgrounds are concentrated, it is vital to carry out cleaningtreatments both of ducts as filters of the air conditioning units to avoid theproliferation of bacteria that can spread through the air contaminating it andgenerating dangerous diseases such as Legionella.Maintenance of fire extinguishing systems. This is anotherof the services that are usually carried out by the cleaning companies of largewarehouses, replacing when necessary the extinguishers, and even monitoring thecorrect maintenance of the extinguishing systems with water.Other issues thatmust be considered when carrying out the cleaning of shopping centersA very important issue to carry out a cleaning project ofshopping centers , is to adapt the tasks according to the amount of publicexpected in each day, and depending on the sales schedule, because in specialmoments the level of customers and users increases and with This is due to thelack of dirt and the need for general maintenance, taking advantage of lesserpublic circumstances to perform other maintenance tasks that require lessfrequency.It is also necessary to differentiate between tasks thatmust be established on a daily basis such as the cleaning of floors insideshopping centers, others that require a daily frequency such as the cleaning oftoilets, and litter bins, or others that are made of periodically, more spacedlike the cleaning of crystals.The cleaning companies of shopping centers must respond toall the needs and characteristics of a shopping center, providing comprehensivecleaning services to get together needs and efficiency.

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