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Last updated: June 9, 2019

Space is a new world waiting to be discovered.  In the 21st century, there have been many influential discoveries in technology, genetics and medicine.  But in my opinion, the most crucial finding was when NASA found liquid water on Mars.  No doubt, this impactful discovery  verifies that Mars is a habitable planet. Mariner 9 is the interplanetary spacecraft that found water on Mars.   Images from the Mariner 9 show that water is present in river beds, canyons, water erosion, and fog.  Additionally, in 2008, NASA’s Mars Phoenix landed on Mars’ surface and dug into the surface and found samples of water ice.  Certainly, the discovery of water ice confirms the presence of life on Mars at one time.

 Mars is the only other planet that presently has water.  This finding gives hope to space programs to continue to do research about Mars. As talks about going to Mars increase, the future will be affected.  If a launch to Mars is in the  future, taxes will increase.

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 Large amounts of money will be spent on the mission.  In addition,  adolescents will need special training and knowledge about Mars because they are the future. Education about space will become valuable.  Adolescents will need to find ways to help in space by making inventions and researching new information.

  There will be people that are unhappy with Mars’ colonization, but I hope most people will be supportive. Indeed, Mars can be a new start for humans.  With current problems on Earth, such as global warming and overpopulation,  humans will likely need Mars for colonization.  Overpopulation leads to more poverty and homelessness.

 If the population of the world keeps increasing at this  pace, more cities will need to be built and more jobs will need to be created.  Global warming has been on the rise, which leads to more storms and bipolar weather.  Clearly, Mars can be a solution to both problems. In a nutshell, I believe that finding water on Mars was the most valuable finding in the 21st century.

 Mars can be the solution to problems on Earth, and people need to be on board with going to Mars.  For further research, I would like to test and create products needed for space.  Astronauts will need to overcome isolation, cramped living space, a closed ecosystem, and extreme radiation.  There will be a need for solutions for the problems humans face, but hopefully humans will overcome these problems and be able to settle on Mars.  My hope one day is that I will be “Major Tom sitting in a tin can” just like the words in “Space Oddity” by David Bowie.

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