Space on appropriate electromagnetic radiation. [2] Satellite data

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Space technology is technology developed by space science or the aerospace industry for use in spaceflight, satellites, or space exploration. Space technology includes spacecraft, satellites, ground station, command and control centre and data storage, analysis and distribution the examples of current space technology including GPS system that used for navigation, communication that coverage over regions varying in size, weather forecasting, remote sensing which critically rely on space infrastructure and more. 1The main mission of almost all satellites to be launched is to provide services or bring convenience to people on Earth in order to improve life quality.

Satellites are mainly used as a source of information for problem solving and support sustainable development including manage natural resources like forest, ocean, iceberg, petroleum and emergency situations for example forest fire, pollution of oil spill on ocean. Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object and thus in contrast to on-site observation. The main goal of remote sensing satellite is use the satellite- or aircraft-based sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth in the atmosphere and oceans, based on appropriate electromagnetic radiation. 2Satellite data such as earth-observation imagery can be used for healthcare industry. These technologies allow to develop a greater understanding of Earth planet environment related to planet health and the effects of human’s actions on the world’s health. There are several ways satellite data can be used to improve global public health such as monitoring water levels and water evaporation by observing the Earth’s water cycle to optimize safe and clean water access by ensure population including human, animal and plants and resulting in ensure health. Moreover, satellite payload can be used to measure air-borne particulate levels, so that impact of pollutant heavy air can be accessed. Large carbon emitters also can be identified by satellite technology.

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3There are few current on-going examples used satellite technology to help in gather, manage and solve main and complex public health problems in some countries. Furthermore, satellite data has been applied to solve or improve health problem such as Malaria in Vietnam, Onchocerciasis disease in West Africa and more. The management of complex public health problems can be done by communication, remote sensing and navigation satellites. Satellite data also can be used to identify dangerous mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are known carriers of a wide range of diseases like malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, and more.

However commercial satellite is not able to detect the tiny mosquito effectively, but the environmental characteristic of their habits can be identified by satellite data from remote sensing and navigation satellites. The multispectral and hyperspectral satellites is used to identify the environment, biological factor and geographic factor of health-related information for surveys, monitoring programmes in the field of the disease have come in investigate the effective method by healthcare professionals to control these disease from spreading accurately. This technology directly impacts those in areas where healthcare is lacking especially poor country with poor accessibility to health resources and diseases are prominent

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