SPE 411 Vocab Test 2

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Last updated: June 4, 2019
Due Process
A hearing or mediation to determine whether the student is eligible for special education and protects their rights.
Hearing Officer
The person that is in charge of regulating during an IEP meeting or due process hearing.

Informed Consent
What is it and when is it required? By law we are required to have formal consent from the parents if we are placing the student in special education. Permission given by a parent through a signature. Must be given for an evaluation, re-evaluation, initial or change in placement in special education, for release of records, . The informed consent typically comes with a time limit of approximately 30 days.
Discussion between the parent, school, and teacher about how the student is performing
Procedural Safeguards
The laws that protect students and their family in special education.

It provides them with a list of their rights. Needs to be in the language of the parent and must be given out every time that an IEP team meets. If the procedural safeguards are not given then it is a violation of the law.

Manifestation Determination
If a student with an IEP is nearing or at ten school days of suspension then the gets the multidisciplinary team will meet and discuss if the behavior is a manifestation of the disability.

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  The days do not have to be consecutive but within the same school year.

Behavior Intervention Plan
A plan that is set up to help improve the behaviors of a student. It is attached the IEP.

Gives the school district and faculty permission to implement positive behavior strategies

Functional Behavior Analysis.
Charting the behaviors of a student to determine what the cause of the behavior is in order to help prevent the behavior from occurring. Process for addressing the student’s problem behavior. The first step is identifying the cause of the behavior. Then a plan can be made to replace the behavior.
Interim Alternative Educational Setting
 A term for an educational setting and program other than the student’s current placement that enables the student to continue to receive educational services according to his or her Individualized Education Program.

Free Appropriate Public Education
By law all students must be provided with a free and appropriate education to meet their individual needs.
A written legal document, required under IDEA (PL 94-142 1975), that provides students with an individual education plan. The ________is created by teachers, parents, and school support staff and states the student;s disability, present levels, and yearly goals.
Present level academic achievement of functional performance. Present level education performance
Least Restrictive Environment
It is the environment where the student will be able to succeed academically. Includes the most contact possible with general peers.

The ideal situation is inclusion. Other situations include resource and self-contained.

Local Education Agency
Representatives of special education for local school districts
Multidisciplinary Education Team
A team that is made up of anyone who comes into contact with that student. This would include teacher, special education teacher, school psychologist, therapists (occupational, physical, speech), parent, principle, parent advocate.
Initial Placement
A student;s first placement in a special education program.
Eligibility Determination
The student meets the criteria for one of the thirteen disability categories under idea
Related Services
Speech and language, transportation, occupational therapy, and physical therapy
Prior Written Notice
It is a notice that is given to parents to inform them of ;a meeting that may make changes to the student IEP. It should be attached to the end of the IEP.

It is a summary of the meeting: what was covered and what was will be changed. ;Prior to this event occurring the parents must receive notice.

Meeting Notices
A notice that informs parents of the date, time, purpose for a conference to be held. Also states who will be there, including a section for the parent response.
Measurable Goals
Yearly goals that are set for a students in their IEP. The goal must be able to be observed
Transition from school to adult life that occurs when the child reaches the age of 14. It includes employment, post secondary school, living arrangements, and daily living.

Age of Majority
Once the student reaches the age of 18; there must be a written notice that either the parent will remain in charge of the student or the student will take responsibility of themselves. Student has the right to decide if the parent will or will not remain responsible.

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