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Last updated: August 17, 2019

special academic convocation 2013 BY 112251 Special Academic Convocation 2013 The Special Academic Convocation showed me people who have lived their whole lives in service of others. Ateneo graduates who have made their school proud before the whole country because of the differences theyVe made. I realized from them that Ateneo is one of the top schools in the country not because its graduates can be found in the magazine’s list of the top richest people but because their lives and works can be found in the progress of this country.They have spent a lifetime erving the people because as Edmundo F.

Nolasco, one of the speakers, believe that there can be no greater expression of gratitude than to dedicate their lives to change the world for Christ except maybe to die fighting for a cause. The graduates coming from different times across Ateneo history have made me realize that I have absolutely no idea what my school stood for. I know that “being a man for others” is one of the values that every Atenista tries to live by but I never really realize Just how great an impact it has on us, students.It’s like a responsibility that has been handed over to us together with our college diplomas. A sort of trust that you would use your knowledge for the betterment of mankind like the so many others before you have. I never thought it possible but these Atenean graduates, Edmundo Nolasco, Jesse Robredo, Christian Monsod, Michelle Gamboa, and Resil MoJares, sure proved me wrong. Underneath all the rumors of Atenistas being arrogant, greedy, and evil, Who would have thought that there were Atenistas who also had a heart? I never thoughtI’d see a day when an Atenista like Christian Monsod and Michelle Gamboa would share his award with the people who helped them make a difference in the world. Nor could I ever have imagined that an Ateneo graduate like Michelle Gamboa would be contented to be a farmer and a baker Now I see that there is a depth inside all our hearts that pushes us to be more than what titles label us to be.

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We are not simply Atenistas, who are entitled brats, but also grateful citizens of this country, who has to show a little more national pride.The same pride that Resil MoJares has lived out in his career in Philippine cultural and historical studies. Resil MoJares was the last speaker of the academic convocation because what he said on that stage sums up what every speaker before him has dedicated their lives to accomplish. That is, being a part of something bigger than Just them. Something which has now become their legacy and our history.

Their very Nationalistic views, which has helped them to take up a cause and fght for it, has now become the vidence of how they’ve lived out history as it unfolded before their very eyes.The events of their day like Martial law, which impelled Resil MoJares the urgency of understanding a society which he is a part of, made him the man we honor on stage today. After looking over all the aspects of that day, I realized that we were all there for a far better reason than to honor outstanding individuals and the school from which they came. As Resil MoJares said, ” a shared sense of community [is what] the awards celebrates. “

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