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Last updated: November 18, 2019

With my speech, I am addressing an audience that consists of a mixed age, although generally no one under the age of 18, and mixed sex. The purpose of the speech is to promote the cause of euthanasia, to persuade people that the idea of euthanasia should not be discarded lightly as it could, at sometime, apply to either ourselves or someone we know and love. It is meant to be informative and to try and jolt people out their complacency to realise what euthanasia is all about.To try and achieve my aims I have employed persuasive techniques such as repetition; “pain” is repeated three times, as is “their life” while “life” is repeated a total of six times. Repetition is useful for emphasising a particular theme or idea; within this speech, with reference to the repeated words, it is the idea that people should not condemn others when it is their life and their pain.

As well as repetition I have used lists of three words in the same semantic field, for example; “distressed, saddened and I grieve. , “conscious of pain, sympathetic of pain, allow someone to suffer”. The reason for using lists of words in the same semantic fields is the same as the reason for using repetition, namely to emphasis an idea or theme. I have also tried to involve the audience, through the use of pronouns, to try to make relate or apply the idea of euthanasia to themselves or someone they love; “Imagine yourself, your child, your sister, brother mother or your father”I used imagery, “Imagine yourself, imagine them locked in room they could not escape”, to try to convey how people wanting euthanasia might feel.

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The nature of euthanasia is emotional, knowing this I have made the speech emotional without turning it into a hysterical rant. I have kept it short so the audience would not lose interest. Each sentence has a similar rhythm to make it flow easily. The sentences generally have only one main clause which, although varied through different words, is repeated. The vocabulary is not difficult to understand, consisting of mostly Standard English.

I have tried to keep it to the relevant semantic field concerned with the main clause in each sentence. I have used metaphors, “bonds, their chains. ” “free them… from their constraints”, to try to enhance the speech and as before to try to make the ideas more accessible and easier to relate to the audience themselves.

The ending I have used, the meaning of the word euthanasia, because of the preposition to the rhetorical question I pose at the very last sentence, which is designed to make the audience think and consider what was spoken.

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