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Sports, is a thing in life that we all will be tempted to introduce to our selves, no matter the problem, no matter the situations, no matter the people, but you will always want to take part in it, this is why The Sports Council, introduced the Sports Development section to the UK Sports. Sports Development will give chance to all kind of people to take part in their sport; no matter their colour, age, race, physical or metal disability, gender, financial level, etc.The Sports Development section introduced a “sport development continuum” so people could gradually increase their own goals in their lives.Sports Development ContinuumFoundation:This stage is when a person is introduced to a sport.

Here he/she will get the knowledge and the basic skills in the sport. This will take part in schools and clubs. The Sports Development introduced this stage to increase the curriculum time for P.E, to increase the number of children being introduced to sports, to introduce the ethicsand values about the specific sport and sports in general and finally to get them going as a thing to do in a regular basis.Participation:This phase of the “sports development continuum” is direct to the persons who are already introduced to a various number of sport and play in a regular basis. The aims of the Sport Council was and is to increase the number of people taking part in a sport, to reduce the quantity of people dropping out and to reduce barrier to participation, such as disabilities, gender, etc.Performance:This part of the four levels in the “sports development continuum” is where competitive games and improvement of the performance stars to occur.

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For example a football club or academy such as Loughborough Football Academy, will be taught by a qualified coach who will make the athletes work at their 100% and will encourage them to get their aims working. The goals of this section are to increase the number of people who are trying to improve their own skills and techniques in a specific sport and also to increase the number of members in clubs.Excellence:Finally in the top of the “sports development continuum” is where elite players will end up their career reaching their top skills and techniques at their own sport, also where national and international competitions will be part of their lives. The goals of the top level are to improve world ranking, win-loss records, beat national and international records and individual personal bests and finally English teams to be known world wide.To make sure the sports development section is being effective they had to introduce different target groups.

A target group is a group of people who is put together to focus on them and to provide their own needs more efficiently.So they simplified different kind of people into different target groups so people feel comfortable introducing them selves into the sport by having people of the same target group within their surroundings, which these are:* Over 50’s* Disabled People* Young People* Women* Ethnic MinoritiesIn every big movement in the whole world wide, there are barriers. In sport wise these are called barriers to participation, this means people will be stopped or have difficulties in joining to play a sport, the main reasons for this can be lack of opportunities, can’t afford it, etc.Opportunities are essential to involve your self in a sport and if you don’t have them it will become a problem. For example if you live in a place where you don’t have a sports facility it might be too expensive to get to the place or it might reduce the motivation of the athlete. Maybe no availability of coaches around the area, e.

g. if you are an elite tennis player and you don’t have a coach in the area you might start losing your skills or might have to travel everyday to get to the place.Disabled people are one of the most target groups that have barriers, this is due to the specific equipment needed. Barriers we can find are; not a proper access into the gym, or swimming pool, not organised disable teams to play at, such as wheelchair basketball or tennis, etc. These barriers can easily be taken off, by putting some effort on finding coaches to take and motivate disabled people, having inspectors attending gyms often, so there is no possibility of a disabled person to be discriminated, etc.

Education is a very important barrier that starts from the foundation stage of sports. For example having a low knowledge about the ethics and values of sports will make a person not know about the sportsmanship, respect, etc. Also if they had bad relation with PE teachers will make the athletes unmotivated to involve their selves in sport in a future time.Women are gradually increasing their participation in every kind of sport.

This is a very good statistic to read about, as women weren’t used to participate in sport as much and definitely not in a contact sport such as rugby. But now a day this have all changed. They still have their own barriers such as while being in the tennis court people will be looking at the ball AND woman, which ends up as a model to men view. Horse riding is the only sport in which men and woman participate together in the Olympics, this is point which has to be considered as men and women are able to work together, each person at their own level, skill and techniques.Ethnic minorities have always been a problem, not only in sports but in the normal routine of life.

Being a different type of race does not mean they have to have more barriers to participation, such as lack of confidence, discrimination, etc. This will gradually decrease by putting different race coaches, more media, giving the proper ethics and values from the foundation section in the “sports development continuum”, etc.The term of concepts of inclusivity it’s a term we should all focus on, it means that everyone should have a chance to include them selves in the sport they want to play at, no matter the level, no matter the “barriers”, a disable person should no have a problem to join in into a athletics club if that’s what he/she wants.Then we have provision and enabling.

Provision is when a sport club I provided with coaches, equipment, facilities, etc. this might be given by Sports England or sports development office in the borough and then enabling is when the sport club or office is giving you the information on where to get the provisions needed, such as equipment, coaches, to allow running the new sports club successfully.

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