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Last updated: May 23, 2019

Stage 1 – A general assessment, drawing on a number of sources, of industries that may located in the Estate. List of potential industries was listed to pick the industries considered more than the other industries to locate in the OIEStage 2 – List of likely industries was used to develop a matrix detailing transport, water, energy, labour and land area needs. This matrix was also used to inform potential water, energy or resource need of regionStage 3 – Industry location criteria were identified and prioritisedStage 4 – Clusters of industries with similar needs were identified then located and oriented to maximise industrial ecology benefitsCreate central and spine infrastructure corridors.

The infrastructure corridors should link the Organic Waste Water Treatment Plant, the industries in the SIA, Energy Factory, Water Factory, and the PortEnsure that there are adequate linkages between clusters that reflect the future proposed use of the cluster Wherever possible, ensure each industry has the opportunity to access materials handling services from more than one point As energy and water factories will play a vital role in creating efficiencies across the Estate, locate them on the central spine of the EstateWhere possible, locate electrical cabling below ground and pipe work above ground so leaks can be easily identified and repaired and contamination of the environment preventedWhere possible, collocate pipes, conveyors, road and rail within the same corridor and size the corridor to suit.Ensure adequate space in the corridors to accommodate additional pipe work, conveyors as new industries locate into the SIA. Provide a corridor to the Port for ocean intake and outfallDust Contain dust within the boundaries of each industry lot to avoid crosscontamination of other industrial processesPlacing the Water and Energy Factories in close proximity to work synergistically like using waste heat in an evaporator to produce high quality water.Inorder to meet short term requirements of pioneer industries of the OIE should locate on the sites of the Energy and Water Factories to allow their integration into the future factoriesContracting management of the Energy and Water Factories to businesses that specialise in such operations as a cost effective approach to for development and operationinorganic (mineral) industrial processes will largely be located in the SIA, while Organic (sewage treatment, holding yards etc) industrial processes will be located in the Buffer.Infrastructure corridors that pass through the centre of the SIA and into the Buffer will provide the major linkage between the inorganic and organic industrial processes

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