Starbucks-Culture conflict

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Last updated: November 20, 2020

In my research project I will be focusing on below mentioned problems a) What are the risks faced by Cataracts in International market operations. B) How the company can reduce risks in its International business? The above mentioned Issues are significant as they not only focus on one risk but on all different types of risks which company can face In Its operations when want to operate globally. It also studies on that how company can reduce its risks when they want to operate on global front. In this I basically study the risk faced by Cataracts as it’s begin operation from U.S. And now expanded to 65 countries & territories of world and also study that how these risks can be reduced.

2. Background/Review of the Literature: * Many studies and articles conducted on what risks/problems company can face in international market which is general, but my study will fully focus specifically on the single company I. E.

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Cataracts. The studies conducted are not specific in accordance to various sectors as risks/problems vary from different types of products, operations, Industry etc. As I already aware of major risks one company can face which Includes Political,Social, Cultural, Financial, Environmental. But my study will relate different types of risks Cataracts faced while expanding globally and also focus on solutions for the same. * Several studies conducted, some are mentioned below: Cataracts Corporation: Competing in a Global Market by U Business School Cataracts’ International Operations by Howard Schultz and Mitchell J. Speller What Are Some Challenges That Firms Face for International Marketing? By Brian Hill, Demand Medal What risks do organizations face when engaging in International finance activities?By Nicola Sergeant Explain the risk factors associate with international marketing strategy development and implementation? In Business Plans, Marketing Advertising and Sales The Hidden Risks in Emerging Markets by Withhold J.

Henries and Bennett A. Seller * The various studies conducted only focused on risks/problems one company can face but I also focus on overcoming these risks/problems. 3. Rationale: As per my discussion with (Professor Name) and with his guidance I will present my case as a Case study. This won’t include any questionnaire.

My research will be done r conducted on secondary data which I will collect from various sources Like Journal, articles etc from libraries, internet, publications etc The method I follow will be Secondary Data Analysis, Secondary data is the data that have been already collected and recorded by someone else and readily available from other sources. I will be opting Secondary Data analysis as collecting primary data will not be feasible as my study is broad in context that I will be focusing on risk faced in International market not for single place market.

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