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Last updated: September 24, 2019

Statement of Purpose As a child, I often saw my dad watching news channels with alittle strip at the bottom of the screen. Constantly rolling, this strip wasflooded with colourful arrows and numbers I couldn’t make sense of. I felt mycuriosity rise and roll in my throat. Both my parents have degrees in finance,are qualified accountants, and have over 20 years of experience in thefinancial sector. For as long as I can remember, I’ve observed countless hoursof unabating discussions and heard motivational stories about the sheerhardships some very successful people have had to face. Growing up in anenvironment so vibrant and profound has given me the opportunity to imbibe somethingno book can teach: experience.Over the last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed learning aboutthe complexities and intricacies in subjects like Accounting, Economics, BusinessStudies and Statistical Mathematics.

These courses have offered me a small butvaluable glimpse into truly understanding little things about how the worldworks. Things like what a stock price ticker on a news channel means and thingslike why the opinions of some business leaders can massively influence publictemperament. Reading through profiles of influential business leaders is also ahobby of mine. Learning from the experience and lives of illustrious managersin top global brands and renowned entrepreneurs has remarkably helped me matureas a person. One of the things that became increasingly lucid about thesepeople, is that 8/10 started early in their careers with a distinct area offocus.

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Realizing my penchant for this field and the fact that finance runs inmy blood, I am keen to combine the knowledge and know-how for these skills withmy interest in finance.Academics aside, I’ve been felicitated the “Best Delegate” awardat 2 Model United Nations’ conferences, one of which had over 520 participantsfrom over 20 countries. Further, I’ve also attended short term lectures onStock Markets and Fundamental Analysis at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Atthe other end of this spectrum, are my right brain cravings. Ever since I was akid, I’ve loved art and photography. Today, I’ve amassed almost 6000 Instagramfollowers on my page; I curate content for one of the world’s largest social medianetworks (pr0ject uno) and have helped multiple clients achieve their socialmedia targets.In conclusion, I value my admission to theUniversity of Melbourne not only as a great honour, but also as an obligation towardsrealizing my goals. I truly believe that the high-calibre of your program,along with my resilience, will help me do just that.

Under the guidance ofpioneering professors like John Handley and Matthew Pinnuck, I know that I willreceive the best possible education. I look forward to the selection committeeto turn my passion into reality – Postera Crescam Laude.Thanking you for the opportunity to express myself. Best Regards,Tathagata Baya 

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