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    Statement of purpose           Name:    Mohammad Nurul Azim            Term:    January 2018 Programme:    Master in Education Through this statement of purpose I mean to put forth mypersonal and educational background, research interests, goals and the reasonsfor choosing UWS. I am applying to the Master of Scienceprogram in Something Engineering at the University of Example because I believemy technical skills will blossom at your program as it is a place where I willbe challenged and where I can develop my scientific and technical knowledge.”My dream is to make a difference in the life of a primary school teacher. Oneof my personal goals in life is to assist a teacher to do something that no onethought they would be able to achieve. Teaching in Bangladesh is something thatI have always desired from the teacher, ever since I started working withpotential teachers five years ago.

Unfortunately, my dream remained the dream.I am a Political Science major at the University ofChittagong, but I missed the opportunity to implement my subject knowledge dueto my job characteristics and I had to change my passion as working withelementary school teachers and students as well as Bangladesh PrimaryEducation.When my superiors visit me, they and I often talk about howthe education systems in Bangladesh is one of the best in the world, but ourteachers do not care about it.

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There are ……

… for ourteachers…


…but .

..  For example,at the end of every school year the students take an assessment test that showsthe school how each student is doing and determines if they move on to the nextgrade. I am not going to single-handedly change the school system but I know Ican help. The lack of  a successful…

….in Bangladesh inspired me to compare the …

… system of differentcountries as my dream.

This experience will not only allow me the means to conducthands-on research for my dream, but it will also give me the ability tounderstand and work with other culture, something that is vital in theeducational field. This experience will allow me to expand my knowledge notonly of other cultures but also of other teaching methods that will not beavailable to me otherwise and give me something extra to bring into myclassroom to help stimulate growth in my students as well as myself.Teachers slowness has been a constant source of inspirationfor me. During my undergraduate studies, the excellent coursestructure coupled with high academic standards further stimulated my interestin the field of …

…   In order to further develop my understanding of the field ofeducation I did an extensive study on ….

. Through this thesis paper, Ilearned how..


… At the post graduate level I tried to the best  of my ability to get an exposure to researchwork. In order to take a lead in this direction, and to get an insight into thefield of education, I took a research project titled..


as a part of my MEd course. In this study did a ..

.study on…..

. findings and recommendations.  I amm deeple interested,it is an important part of educationhowever I am very concerned with digitizationAdditionally, I intend on pursuing a phd in education uponcompletion of my master’s and I feel that this programme while make me uniquelysuited to approach education from a highly academic and interdisciplinaryperspective.A master’s degree will also assist me significantly inmy  career.truly, I am committed to this intellectual journey, and tothe UWS itself. It is a strong belief in my family that the UK educationsystem has the best to offer in the whole world. This belief arises out of theexperience that my parents had when they did their masters of science at theUniversity of Pennsylvania during the years 1966-67.

If I can get anopportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment, I amsure my talents will be put to optimal use.An academic career would allow me to continue lifelongeducation and desired opportunity to teach and counsel others while expandingmy knowledge base and continuing the educational process. I am particularlyinterested in researching pedagogical implementation.  Since I began my undergraduate education I have committedmyself to maintain a high performance. As my commitment my three years Honours and a year Masters course I stood first and fifth placeamong the 200 students of my class. .

..The master programmewill provide me with an opportunity to learn more about higher education andprepare me to be a senior level educator. In addition, this programme will help me further my understanding of education fieldlevel teachers’ expectations and knowledge about their profession.My professional goals are to learn as much as I can abouthigher education that would strengthen my awareness about trends within thefield and how I can contribute to the overall mission and purpose of theprofession. I would like to someday become a consultant on education field.

Ibelieve my past and current experiences have prepared me tremendously to serveas a senior level educator.I believe my experiences have grate prepared me for the MEdprogramme at the UWS. I am confident that this programme will continue toenhance my understanding of higher education and prepare me to help mycolleagues and teachers to engage in their professional development.I have an experience to study in BRAC University aboutlearning theory.




..  a.      Why have you chosen to study in the UKWe knowthat the UK higher Education is among the bestin the world and consistently performs well in world rankings. Not onlythat but also the UK has a global reputation for quality assured education andI can get the best teaching, support and resources. The experiences, knowledge, and confidence gained by studying in the UKwill inspire me to create my own path of life.

Moreover, the cost ofeducation for an international student in the UK is generally lower compared tothe USA and other countries. b. Why you are interested in your chosencourse my main interests are to support teachersacademically and technologically, because there are a few people are interestedto assist others. and also developing digital contents of Primary text books,due to lack of Subject knowledge and Pedagogical Knowledge many teachers do notknow how to make a digital content. during my student life I havecompleted my secondary and higher secondary level courses, a three yearsgraduate degree course with honors in Political Science, a four semestersBachelor degree in Education, two one year Post graduate degrees in Politicalscience and Educational Leadership, Planning & management, and also an 18months diploma degree in ICT and Pedagogical Development. I stood first placein honors course, fifth in master of social science in political science, 6thin Educational Leadership.                        c.

Why you want to study at the University of West of Scotlandactually this subject is veryimportant to me because of my job. I am working as Instructor of Thana ResourceCentre called TRC. It is a training institute for professional development ofprimary school teacher in grass root level. The Subject Knowledge of thiscourse can help me to develop myself and my career in future. Well, in answer of this question Iwould like to mention you that, as an instructor of TRC I have achieved hugenumber of experiences in my 17 years of job activities.

For example, as atraining facilitator I have gathered many facilitation tips and techniques,Test Item development, Teaching experience, activity based work experience, jobrelated terminologies and usage, Training Module designing, conducting Action Research,Content development, etc. In addition, as an officer, office management system,financial management system, Service management system, etc. As my skill I amrewarded as the best officer of my level two times in Chittagong Division outof eight divisions of the country. Well, as condition, I will work withthis job for minimum ten years, and then I will go to consultancy or researchactivity. Before that I will study for PhD.Well, I want to focus on anachievement that made me proud of is achievement as the best AssistantInstructor of Chittagong Division in 2013. That period of time I invented a newidea for presenting digital content in a large classroom. That idea was grantedin whole Chittagong Division as a technique of proper utilization of only onemultimedia projector and a laptop for more than 1000 students in minimum 5classrooms.

I invented that only one laptop-multimedia projector can be usedfor all students at least in a week. The projector and Laptop will be setup inonly one classroom and students will be shifted class-wise each day for wholeday. This technique was successfully implemented and gained those students werehappy.

That’s my proud of.   d. What your futureplan is after completing this course When Iwas eleven, my great-aunt Gretchen passed away and left me something thatchanged my life: a library of about five thousand books.

Some of my best dayswere spent arranging and reading her books. Since then, I have wanted to be alibrarian.   Statement of purposea.       Why haveyou chosen to study in the UK           b. Why you are interested in your chosen course            c. Why you want to study at the University of West of Scotlandd. What your futureplan is after completing this course 

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