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Last updated: March 17, 2019

STATEMENTOF PURPOSEGrowingup as a child, summer vacations were always like a short term semesters where Iget chance to explore zones to which I was giving less time at school.

Suchengagements made me experience Classical music, Karate, Art and Craft. One ofthe cherished take away as a result of my exploration is a state 3rdprize for a painting competition on pollution but as the days passed into highschool this enthusiasm was dominated by academics. My thoughts started learningtowards construction field as I started to visit the construction site of theschool founded by my parents. At this point a strong desire transpired in mymind that I should be the creator in my chosen field.To makemy desire tangible I earned my B tech degree from VNR VJIET, one of bestcolleges for Civil Engineering in state. My college acted as platform to fulfilmy quest of knowledge in all domains, taking my study beyond just the fourwalls of my classroom by keeping myself occupied with numerous industrialvisits. In this process of progression I visited CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, a platinum rated Greenbuilding where I learnt construction in Urban areas can be done while savinggreen areas and using more natural resources. Survey of India provided me a base to know how the mapping of anarea is done using ground techniques and GIS.

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I was astonished and feltfortunate to have known about INCOISwhich provides information of upcoming ocean disasters beforehand, also helpsfishermen accomplish their livelihood. A wise use of technology always givesits fruits. Keerthi Industriesplayed a major role in introducing me to the industrial organization,functioning and manufacture of cement. Camping there for 3 days taught me howan individual responsibility brings success to the industry. All these visitsonce again escalated flair to reintroduce my summer semester concept byinterning at Construction of HyderabadMetro Rail by L&T and Hi Rise building for a period of 1 month, helpedme to gain understanding on the connection between designs and itsimplementation on site. It gave me a chance to explore various departments likestructural planning, architectural planning, and the construction strategy fromvarious perspectives but what regaled and excited me was the cogitation howsuch a big construction project was designed considering its use for 100 years andimplemented so perfectly to reach the need of larger people.

With myzeal to take up challenges, I participated in a number of competitions and gavemy best. A state second best project on ‘Laserbased discharge measurement of canal’ gave me the opportunity to prove mydesigning skills of prototype. Such opportunities and my academic position mademe team lead for a team of 5 in my major project. This societal project on reducingthe congestion on roads using simulation technique was recognised as bestproject in Civil Engineering department at institute level.  I am confident that my Engineering knowledge, leadershipskills, ability to produce proficient designs will be an asset for any projectsI undertake.

Apartfrom academics in college I am proud to be in association with National ServiceScheme (NSS) unit of our college. The experience I got by documenting andorganizing various events like Blood Donation, Career vision programs fordestitute students was indeterminate. Conducting camps addressing various issuesin villages for 3 days made me realize the power of design along with aninsight into social change.

Those years of association with NSS shifted myperspective that any service organisation not only gives opportunity forsharing people’s ups and downs but also makes us understand and learn fromsituations.Afterofficially finishing my graduation I stepped out into real world for full timeexploration of design as my artistic spirit wandering for its frame. Then Iintroduced myself to the new software like 3DS Max, V Ray, Illustrator, AfterEffects through a diploma course. This knowledge made me a colour consultant anddesigner at ‘Aapka Painter’, a start up in India for more than 20 projects inthe span of 2 months. My performance and smart work made a freelancer for aninterior design project. Also allowed me to be a design strategist forSpirulina Protein farm.

From my experience I realised the business world hasbecome rapidly integrated across once limited borders and anyone with highgoals in any field of  business worldmust have an international perspective and be aware of the realities ofdifferent international realm. I am unique, and uniquely fortunate, to have adiverse background both academically and professionally which has exposed me todifferent people, cultures, and languages. As a native of India, I am familiarwith the increasingly important markets of this region, and such I amthoroughly prepared for the demands and challenges presented and form asuccessful label of my own by undertaking study at your institution. All these experiences are driving forces tocontinue my education where I can get more insight into learning professionalconcepts. My application for TexasA University stems from my desire to study at one of the bestUniversities in the world from my zest to be a world traveller.

I am fascinatedby the vision of university focusing design exploration integrated with thepracticalities of a professional life, this helps me inreciprocating the pleasure of art for the people who are experiencing mydesigns. It also ensues from my deep passionand appreciation of design, and my yearning to be amongst those who create the change……………..It would be my privilege to work under the guidance of Mr.——- and getmotivated to be a successful designer restoring historic and contemporarybuildings though my bachelor’s if from Civil Engineering.

I am passionate about art, business as well as helping people. Iwant to pursue design as a profession because I see it as a promising careerpath where these three can go hand in hand. I believe the notion of Alvar Aaltowho said, “Building art is a synthesis of life in materialized form” and I want torealize my dreams and give a shape to my imaginations with my understanding ofthe gaps in the present society. I strongly believe that my foundation ofEngineering as my undergraduate study and professional experience in designprovides me with a strong foundation to pursue Visual Communication Design asmy Masters in Arizona State University      

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