Statement of Purpose for Education

Personal Essay HI, my name is Maleka Holmes . I’m a senior at Lincoln High School in Jersey City ,NJ . Looking forward to making an great impact in life. And hoping to graduate with a B. A in psychology- Crime and Social Behavior . At your school I believe I will succeed and doing so. I hope to one day be working in or with the Bau also known as the ( Behavioral Analysis Unit ) as an F. B. I Profiler. Your school seems like the perfect place for it . I may not be the best student or even at the top of my class but I never give up up nd I am always giving it my all .

I continue to push forward no matters what obstacles are in my way . I am a very ambitious person as you can see . That’s why I want to go into this particular field of study . To broaden my horizons and become more then Just a working citizen . I’ve read on your school website that at your school you take classroom instruction to a higher level through personal experience and hands-on . It helps me to know what goes on inside the class. I understand more through by hands-on and personal experience . I am a visual learner .

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Which means I learn by seeing and drawing diagrams ‘ graphs ‘ pictures etc at your school I believe I can adapt easily . I’m a jersey city resident so it will be easy for me to commute on and off campus as well . I aspire to be something better and your school can introduce me to great possibilities for academic,personal and worldwide experience and opportunities. All I want is a chance to do it. At your school I believe I have a possibility to accomplish more. I take my goals seriously and at your school you do as well .

By me having a link with NJcu I will be competent to obtain higher education. I conclude my essay with such I am a very active person in my community . I attend El-shaddai deliverance center under the leadership of pastor William Dennis Holmes. I previously attended breast cancer walks in my community and much more . As you can see I am seeking to be a potential student at your school . I would really acknowledge you if I were accepted into your school to expand and further my education. Statement of Purpose for Education By lekaa18


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