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STATEMENT OF PURPOSEQuality is more important than quantity. One home run is muchbetter than two doubles.” – SteveJobs. In quality engineering, quality objectives are implemented in acollaborative process. This process requires the interaction of largelyindependent actors whose knowledge is based on different sources of information.

An urge to learn & quest various domain has made me opt for this course ofQuality Engineering Management’INTRODUTIONI Arunpreet Singh Saini born on 12th January, 1996S/O Sarwan Singh Saini (father) & Dawinder Kaur Saini (mother) hail fromLudhiana, Punjab. My father is an employee of Indian Railways while my motheris a housewife. I have completed my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering fromPunjabi University, Patiala in 2017 with a grade point of 6.

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48 from a maximumof 10 points.During my graduation, I have gone throughnumerous short term and long term projects. One of the foremost part among themwas my five month industrial training program carried at Hero EcoTech Limited, Punjab.In this program, I was indulged in ‘COST REDUCTION &PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT FOR TYRE SECTION’ project. This project was indeed alife changing in my career as it bred more interest in me for quality control& improvement. Added to this,quality assurance and quality control, quality engineering governs themanufacturing processes and testing procedures that ensure that products fulfilboth quality standards and safety regulations are few of the reasons why Ichose Quality engineering.Why I chose Quality Management?The reason I have chosen a two year in ‘Quality andEngineering Management’ is because it will provides a pathway to acquire thenecessary knowledge and skills for becoming more successful in all areas ofmanufacturing.

Completing a master’s degree is a prodigious way to be preparedfor higher responsibility in the workplace.It’s a two year program with course of contents of Lean production systems, Material , Workplace health & safety, total quality management, Advancedstatistics for process control, Continuous improvement techniques,Implementations of quality systems, Economics of quality, metrology system analysis, reliability, Problem solving & decision makingtechniques.Why I preferred LambtonCollege?Through my independent research about post-graduation studyprograms & colleges, I have found Lambton College most suitable to myinterest.

Lambton College is one of largest, most diversified and highlyrespected colleges in Canada. The facilities offered by the College will helpme achieve understanding and experience be it social, leisure or my personal growth.The program brings together participants from all over the world, so I would bein contact with diverse cultures.

It would be very rewarding to share andexchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people who are from differentnationalities, cultural orientations and schools of thought on one platform.Lambton College have a competitive edge in employability and practical workexperience which made me opt for this collegeWhy CANADA over any otherCountry?There are numerous reason that I can list for choosing Canadaover any other country even my home land India:·       It has a huge Economic growth, stablepolitical environment, excellent infrastructure & prominent futuredevelopment plans.·       Canada is a popular study destination forManagement courses. ·       It has traditionally been a country ofimmigrants and has a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity.

In thisvibrant setting, different perspectives are respected and learning together isencouraged. ·       Talking about its education culture; Classsize is not too massive, Staff is thoroughly upgraded with the usage ofemerging technology, practical knowledge is given more significance and allthese reasons are undoubtedly not a part of Indian study philosophy.CAREER PLANS: My objective of pursuing ‘Qualityengineering management’ course is to acquire an in-depth competence and hone myintellectual ability. Ten years down the line I envision myself in themanagement sector. I would like to be able to apply what I learn to theindustry and contribute towards its development and enhancing the image in the years to come.Canadaundoubtedly produces top graduates who can take their place in theinternational arena with confidence. After vigilantresearch and study I have picked to do my Post graduation diploma in Qualityengineering & management in Canada.

I hope I will be granted thisopportunity to be part of this specialized learning system and reach the zenithof my career. A kind consideration of my studentvisa application is requested.Thanks and regards.

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