Statement to conduct my studies. In fact, his

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Last updated: August 28, 2019

Statement of PurposeSince my school days, I was significantly enthusiastic about mathematics and IT workshops in our school.

When I saw features and innovations on websites or applications that kept evolving not only technically, but also held an infinite scope for creativity and logic, I realized learning programming is essential, besides each time I saw my code ran successfully, I felt a sense of exhilaration. Likewise, before the beginning of my undergraduate studies, learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript helped me to develop several web services and By doing  individual projects in these fields, I tried to broaden my knowledge , which helped me to choose Information Technology Engineering as my favorite major to begin my undergraduate studies. I was admitted at the Islamic Azad University,  Mashhad  Branch in 2014, where I found the opportunity to learn and experience about computer basis and its related challenges .During my first year of university, I had the chance to meet several professors and learn courses such as Advanced Programming and Data Structures which, enhanced my passion to continue my studies with higher commitment. Furthermore, by studying the fundamentals of programming and database systems, I developed my knowledge as a programmer and did some practice projects with different programming languages mostly with C++ and Python.

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My initial interest in Computer Networks was sparked by Dr. Farzad Tashtarian who had the highest influence on me in order to conduct my studies. In fact, his instructions regarding how Computer Networks can affect organizations’ cost and reliability of their services, are the main reasons why I am sorely eager to the topics covered specifically Wireless Networks and Distributed Systems.Moreover, during my final year, I participated in several software engineering projects including mobile application developing with QT software. In addition, my passion to Computer networks made me learn about its related software applications namely Wireshark and GNS3 and also made me familiar with Cisco TCL commands. I am expecting to attain a first class degree and I am graduating one term prior to the expected date, which I hope will demonstrate my academic ability to study at the highest level.

Admittedly, my internship at Negin Rayaneh Almas Khorasan during the summer and fall of 2017, reinforced my interest in the areas of Software developing and I was able to gain experience at a competitive environment. My main role was to develop multi-functional software applications and to analyze the data for end users. This experience helped me to develop relevant skills in Software Engineering, managing my time effectively and cooperate with my colleagues efficiently.

Ultimately, I am particularly keen to study this field, because of your research interests in Computer Networks specially Wireless and Broadband Systems and your reputation of excellence in these fields. I am contented to see that the structure of Computer Science program at Manitoba Universyity, which provides both excellent working and highly developed facilities, accords well with what I have in mind. I would be delighted if I could get a chance to pursue my research at your university.

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