Status of Women in the Philippines Revisited

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Last updated: November 20, 2020

Revisited On my first paper, I argued that although our country experiences greater societal equality compared to other countries In Southeast Asia, we do not give them the chance to excel more In their chosen fields and be equal as men can be. And since I ended stating that I was confused whether I really have made my point, now on my final paper I have already reflected as to whether there really is a societal equality here in the Philippines. On my first paper, I ended with the question that runs through my mind every time I hear equality and that is; “do Filipinos really experience equality? Until now, I actually think that what I have written was correct, that most people might probably answer yes because of obvious reasons. First reason is that aside from giving women the right to vote, the emergence of women as presidents show that the citizens have high respect for women also. Apart from women being presidents, senators, cabinet secretaries and many other government related positions, there are a lot of Pleasant who now excel In works that Initially considered Just for men.

However, even with a lot of reasons to say yes to the question, there would still be some people who will answer that Filipinos still do not experience equality. The possible reasons why some people would say no is because of apparent examples that we see in the senate. First example would be Grace Poe- Lamaseries. A lot may have known her because she was the chairman of Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (METRIC) before she was elected as senator however those who know her will still not be enough to save her a seat in the senate.I find it really interesting that before she was announced as a senatorial candidate for the 2013 elections, her life story was actually treated in Malarial Mo Kayak (MGM) in the Spinally channel.

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What I really remember from that episode of MGM was when she said that she does not want to be remembered as the daughter of FPC but rather she wants to be remembered by her name and what she has achieved with her name alone. Then came the elections.During the elections she used Grace Poe only, dropping her husband’s last name because according to her, in reality nobody’s going to vote for her because they are not familiar with a Grace Poe Lamaseries but a Grace Poe only. Also in one of her jingles, it can be clearly heard a rap saying “Knack in FPC”. So isn’t it quite interesting hearing from her own mouth saying that she doesn’t want to live under the shadow of her late father but then use her father’s name deliberately when the election came?Another example I have given on my first paper was Nancy Binary-Angels.

Obviously, Nancy was unknown to most until she filed her certificate of candidacy last election. And frankly, If she hadn’t used her Maiden name she would probably one of the candidates In the bottom. Nancy may have faced a lot of criticisms especially on the net. Some of those are actually below-the-belt but despite these criticisms, Nancy merged as one of the 12 victors In the senatorial race.

As you see they share a common thing last elections: they both used their maiden names instead of their masses if they use their fathers’ surnames. What I’m saying here is that I actually support my examples in the first paper. It is true that women are finally taking on to the political scene but most of them win only because they are related to somebody renowned. And in most cases, it is their father who is famous. Also I still believe that most of the Coos, owners and most of the high-ranking employees in big companies are men.Furthermore, little things like favoring a male as a firstborn, criticizing women who works in an area which is by far still considered “for men only’ like construction worker, driver, female firefighters, and the like, further suggest that we are nowhere near where we hope we are.

I agree in most of what I have written on my first paper however I’m saying that I was wrong in some small things that I have said and those small things actually had a great impact to the point that I was really making on my first paper. So during the discussions I have realized that women are truly empowered more Han before.And I was so wrong when I said that I was one of those people that would say no when asked if “do Filipinos really experience equality? ” One talk that really made me think about the status of women, Filipino women specifically was when Angela presented her indicator.

I couldn’t forget when she said that maybe we should think about women empowerment thoroughly. That maybe, women already are empowered however it is Just us, women, who acts like as if we are weak and that we’re not strong enough leaving others thinking that women are indeed weak.Thinking critically, women here in the Philippines are lucky. If we are to compare our country with Sierra Leone for example, we will clearly see how lucky and empowered we are.

We have lot of laws for women and children and although some of those laws were not given Justice, we’ll be thankful enough for the effective execution of laws here protecting women when we come to know that there was only one rapist who was sent to Jail in Sierra Leone. Gathering my thoughts, I am now convinced that Filipinos are empowered.Maybe not in the exact way that we want to be empowered (which I really do not know as to hat extent we want to experience empowerment before we consider that we are equal with men) but enough for us to show how well we can be and prove them all our worth. Women in the Philippines and in the world as a whole have come a long way from managing a household to managing their entire respective countries.

So right now, I am no longer confused as to whether I have clearly made my point. I believe that I have delivered what I want to say clearly, that women in the Philippines experience societal equality. Yes girls, we can do it! And yes, we did!

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