Stem Cell Research: Medical Advantages Essay

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Greatly debated.

root cell research is really controversial ; particularly embryologic root cell research. Many argument over the moralss of the research versus the medical advantages. The medical advantages outweigh the ethical positions.

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The mass of embryologic root cells that are used semen for in vitro fertilisation ( IVF ) ( Black ) . Those cells are disposed as medical waste—using them for research gives those cells a intent and to be wasted ( 16 ) . Embryonic root cells can renew into nervus cells which can work out encephalon diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s ( 48 ) . Stem cells allow proving of possible drugs without utilizing a human or animate being. This rids the moralss of carnal testing and human clinical tests ( Benefits of Stem Cells ) .

“Stem cells are the human body’s edifice blocks” ( Black ) .Stem cells are what “transform from a fertilized egg to a” babe ( 10 ) . “In grownups. they “replace damaged or raddled cells” with new 1s ( 10 ) . The root cells used for research are embryologic cells. “Embryonic root cells are cells that occur at the earliest phases of homo and animate being development” ( 16 ) . The usage of the embryologic cells has cause great contention ; particularly in the United States. In 2001.

President Bush had enforced the regulation that merely 60 root lines created earlier August 9. 2001. could be used in root cell research and that it would be funded by federal money ( Black ) .

This allowed root cells to be derived from embryologic cells from in vitro fertilisation and to be used in the research ( 19 ) . The ballyhoo for root cell research didn’t start until Christopher Reeve had experienced a traumatic hurt that harmed his spinal cord ( 8 ) . He created the Christopher Reeve foundation that helped fund research for spinal cord hurt. Reeve’s chief support was for root cell research with embryologic cells. The boy of President Ronald Reagan. Ronald Prescott Reagan. besides supported root cell research because his male parent died from Alzheimer’s disease and root cells could assist bring around it ( 9 ) . Stem cells seem to be the ballyhoo.

but there are many medical advantages to the research and it outweighs the resistance.Embryonic root cells in root cell research are the left over embryos from in vitro fertilisation ( IVF ) ( Black ) . In vitro fertilisation is when “one twelve eggs are fertilized in a petri dish” and are “transferred into the woman’s uterus” . Those who can’t “have a kid through natural means” usage IVF ( 16 ) . Once the procedure of IVF coatings. there are some left over embryos that go fresh ; they are disposed as medical wasted ( 16 ) . Alternatively of merely blowing them. root cell research gives them a intent.

Alternatively of blowing embryos like we waste nutrient. the embryos available participate in medical research that can profit many.On Procon. org. President Barack Obama emphasizes the importance of giving the embryos intent. “We’re speaking about utilizing root cells that would hold otherwise been discarded and lost everlastingly – and we’re speaking about utilizing those stem cells to perchance salvage the lives of 1000000s of Americans…” As President Obama references.

root cells are “save [ ing ] the lives of 1000000s of Americans” and supplying penetration on how some diseases work. Stem cell research is merely used for good. The research of root cells is merely for a good intent. though that purpose hasn’t prevented the stirring of an ethical argument.

Some believe that embryo cells shouldn’t be destroyed ( Black ) . Even though the embryo used for the research is defined as “a four-day-old fertilized egg—a blastodermic vessicle consisting of some 100 to 150 cells” . some argument whether it’s a human or non ( 22 ) .Some think a homo is a fertilized egg. while others think it’s a human merely when “successfully implanted in the uterus” ( 23 ) . Or after “successfully implanted in the uterus” . the egg develops. therefore the definition the homo.

The development of a fertilized egg is slightly complex. After the egg is fertilized. the cell goes to cleavage ( which starts cell division and multicellularity ) . The cell goes through the phases of “zygote to morula to blastula” . After cleavage. “gastrulation ( morphogenesis ) ” occurs—morphogenesis is when an “organism” is “given shape”—a “basic organic structure plan” ( Peddie ) .A human can be defined in any of these phases.

A human can be defined aftter 30 six hebdomads of development. A human can besides be defined as an embryo—this is where the job lies. “Thou shalt non kill” is normally accepted in most faiths. so destructing an embryo is synonymous to killing. For moral criterions. to prove on human life is incorrect ; to interfere with human life is incorrect ; to destruct human life is incorrect. Making root cell research could even be described as “devil’s work” ( see figure 1 ) .Figure 1.

The sketch is on the spiritual position on root cell research and a rebuttal for how it cures diseases. UFS Inc. Stem Cell Research. N. d. Photograph.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Dist. Stem Cell Research for Dummies. Korad. May 2011. Web. 12 Nov. 2012.

For spiritual intents. root cell research is slaying. but others merely want to happen a remedy for their loved 1s as the figure shows. Stem cell research is merely a manner to bring around diseases. So. root cell gives wasted embryologic cells a intent and AIDSs with research for handling diseases. Besides giving wasted embryologic cells purpose.

root cells can work out diseases. Stem cells are used in encephalon diseases because they can renew into nervus cells ( Black ) .They procedure of root cells developing into the preferred cell is by two ways: “they can infix certain cistrons that will direct the cell to develop a specific way” and “add endocrines and other growing factors to the cells’ civilization to motivate certain cistrons to ‘switch on’ and bring forth a specific type of cell” ( 48 ) . The new cells grown will replace the worn out 1s in the country of the organic structure that’s harmed e. g.

Parkinson’s disease and the root cells would replace the old encephalon cells ( 48 ) . This signifier of intervention is called regenerative medical specialty ( 48 ) . In the NY Times. Andrew Pollack studies of an experiment with root cell research and oculus diseases.One patient suffered from muscular dystrophy. while the other patient suffered “from a dry signifier of age-related macular degeneration” ( Pollack ) . Fifty thousand cells were “implanted in one oculus of each woman” ( 13 ) .

This article emphasizes the importance of root cells. The article demonstrates how stem cell research has cured a disease ( sightlessness ) . Stem cells have benefited others as it continues to mend. Continuing to assist with intervention of diseases. root cells can assist develop other medical advantages. Stem cells could be used to prove possible drugs like anti-tumor drugs ( Benefits of Stem Cells ) .

When “the conditions” are “perfectly replicated” the testing of the drugs “could supply really accurate results” ( Murnaghan ) . The proving would state if the drug “is utile or problematic” ( Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research ) . The rough testing.

the ethical positions. the harmful effects. root cell research would extinguish the jobs of animate being and human testing ( Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research ) . Merely a group of root cells would pay the effects from proving. Supplying penetration on how drugs react.

scientists would be better equipped to make up one’s mind which drugs would work for certain diseases.The scientists know more about the drug. therefore better intervention program for a patient.

Drug proving on root cells is another development that makes root cell research advantageous and right to make. Despite the great contention over root cell research. go oning with it is greater than the resistance. Giving wasted in vitro fertilisation ( IVF ) embryos a intent.

bring arounding diseases and drug testing. are a advantages root cell research does ( Black. Murnaghan ) .Though the ethical positions weigh heavy on some ( because of the beginning of the root cells—which are embryos—are debatable ) . the medical advantages are greater. Stem cell research should be supported to assist remedy diseases and with drug intervention. Salvaging a loved one is of import.

Would put on the lining a few embryologic cells to make research on a disease that a loved 1 has. be excessively much? Would making anything like happening a remedy be what anyone would make? Or is the compulsion with when human life starts overpowering?Plants Cited“Pros & A ; Cons of Stem Cell Research – Stem Cells Genetic Engineering. ” Pros & A ; Cons of Stem Cell Research – Stem Cells Genetic Engineering. N. p. . n. d.

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” Should the Federal Government Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research? – 2008 Election – ProCon. org. N. p. . n.

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