Stereotypes, that institutions are no longer dominated by

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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Stereotypes, stimulated by globalization, have continuously influenced different aspects of life; from governments and regulatory bodies to scholarly institutions, and recruiters. Regarding the flawed stereotype that men are better than women in certain areas, what appears surprising is the fact that some women still consider this to be true.

Therefore, such women usually have their performance drastically affected by this negative notion. It is surprising because much awareness has been created to prevent this negative perception in society, but the issue is a psychological phenomenon that needs an entirely different approach to facing it. What is not surprising is the fact that gender stereotyping in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields is not a problem solely caused by women.  The Stereotype Threat is a psychological phenomenon that negatively affects performance in the community in which it exists, and often invades a broad range of areas within it. It is neither limited to women nor any minority group and affects society entirely. For instance, there is a stereotype about white people exhibiting less talent in basketball, and such perception can negatively affect the performance of a white member of a basketball team.

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Personally, stereotype threats have had an impact on my career, because I am Hispanic I belong to a minority and sometimes there is the perception that because I am part of that minority I may not excel in school like my fellow classmates due to my language capabilities. Just as noted by Claude Steele, “identity safety” is the best approach to utilize in eliminating stereotype threat. It is crucial that this is encouraged at workplaces, schools, and in the community by ensuring that institutions are no longer dominated by those who are ignorant of the value of equality. Public Relations campaigns, mainly intended for students in high school and colleges around the nation, with a central theme of Stand For Identity Safety, might help spread awareness of the stereotypes, thereby acting as a step toward their inevitable aggravation.

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