The story begins in 1986 in a little town called Kadic, when a family called the Smith went to buy a hous

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It all starts in one afternoon when the husband Kelvin took the children to school and went to work, the wife Katie was reading a novel in the sitting room and suddenly she heard a knock at the door she got up to check who was at the door before she got there the knocking stopped, when she open the door there was no one there, then she heard a scary voice shouting her name Katie, Katie she looked back but cannot find anyone and she said with a frightened voice who is it?Then it stopped, as she got back to the sitting room she noticed her novel was missing suddenly she begun to hear the voice again and the light bulb was flickering she began to panic with fear then she heard the house door opening and she got a baseball bat and hid behind the back of the door, then as Kelvin entered she hit him with the bat.

He said what are you doing? She then ran onto him with tears on her eyes, with an angry face Kelvin asked what happened?Then Katie said there is a ghost in the house, Kelvin and the children laughed and said why do you say that? She replied the light is flickering, the door is knocking without anyone there, my novel cannot be found and I kept hearing my name constantly. Then Kelvin replied, firstly your novel is behind you, second you know I don’t believe in ghosts, thirdly maybe you are having an hallucination because you are lonely or maybe is time to go back to the doctor because everything seemed to be ok when I got in.Also you are scaring the children, She said there is nothing wrong with me I know what I heard, then Kelvin said in cool voice I didn’t say something is wrong with you it just that you may have been dreaming at that moment, then she said probably and they all went to bed. The next day, the children and Kelvin were preparing for school while Katie was preparing their breakfast. After the kids and their dad went out, Katie went to shower, as she was showering the water stopped as she was about to get out suddenly the water jetted out, with shock Katie fell down and hurt her arm.When she got to her room to pick her favorite dress it was a surprise when she could not find the dress but she thought that the dress is with the drycleaners and wore another dress and went to shopping. When she got back from shopping she put the food in the refrigerator and went upstairs to change her dress. A while after she came down to the kitchen to get some food out of the refrigerator but she was flabbergasted when she saw the refrigerator empty, the food she just bought had disappeared.

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Then suddenly she heard a strange voice saying ‘You cannot be happy until we are happy ‘You know what we want ‘ the word was repeated constantly she got scared and ran out of the house, as she was roaming about the street with fright, Kelvin appeared with the children and saw Katie with a frightened face. Then he asked her what happened. She replied with scared voice there is a ghost in the house, the food I bought disappeared and my favorite dress disappeared and I heard a scary voice saying bad things. I am scared Kelvin, he replied there is nothing going to happen to you, get in lets go check it out.Kelvin was the first person to enter the house, as he got in the house seemed normal. He said the way I see it this house is fine maybe we should call the doctor. She replied you have got to believe me, there is something in the house, Kelvin said lets just call the doctor. As he picked up the phone it cracked and broke.

They looked shocked then suddenly the light went off. From nowhere they started hearing some strange sound saying ‘You know what we want’ ‘You cannot be happy until we are happy’ as they heard this voice they ran out of the house to the church along the street.As they got there they saw a pastor who welcomed them in, they told him what happened he replied this is not the first time it has happened the last person who lived there ran away and never returned.

It all started in the late 1950s when the owner of the house called Katie kept her step daughters in the basement never fed them until they died then buried her in the house. When Katie died people looked for the girls to be buried properly but they could not be found.Who ever lived in the house has always been chased out by the girls ghost saying ‘you know what we what’ Katie jumped in; I heard that word and my food went missing but why are they still disturbing people. The pastor replied, they are little kids, they don’t know that time has past so they strike on who ever live in the house and the other things that make them disturb you most of the time is that you are bearing the same name as their step mother.

Then Kelvin said how could we make them stop? The pastor replied the only thing that will make them stop is by finding their bodies and to bury them in a normal way.Then Kelvin said, Katie you stay here with the kids and the pastor and I will go and find the girls bodies. When they got to the house it seemed strange as they got in, it was windy inside. Then the pastor said the girls are striking again let’s look for them before they do something bad. As they are looking around Kelvin suddenly remembered when his son told him that there is a basement in the house. Then he told the pastor as they were about to go to the basement the girls struck again with a powerful wind throwing Kelvin to the floor which make him faint while the pastor was still fighting with the girls with prayers of exorcism.When he woke up he noticed the wall behind him is soft, when he looked back h e saw a hole.

When he looked through it he saw skeletons, then he took a hammer and broke the wall and saw the hole with two little skeletons. He called the pastor and they took them out. The next day Kelvin and his wife and children went to the burial ceremony of the little kids and the thanked the pastor for helping them; they lived happily ever after in what was now a happy home.

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