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Jose Cuellar English 1302-65001 Professor Darius Frasure 24 June 2013 The Story of an Hour Women have come a long way since 1900s. That was my response to the story ” The Story of an Hour”. To story also let me know how important women are to this world but importantly to men. Before I go ahead with my personal response of the story. I want to give a background on the story because I feel like it will let one know where I’m coming from or know how I got my personal response.

Kate Chopin wrote “The story of an hour” in 1894. We are talking about a good 200 years ago.Back then women didn’t have much of voice or anything. Women were born to sever their husbands and stand on their side no matter what.

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It’s not like today were if a couple don’t feel love anymore or chemistry they can Just go to court and get divorces. Also the female voice has gotten more respect and value. When reading ” the story of an hour” I saw the irony right away. In the story you have four characters: Mrs. Louise Mallard, Mr. Brently Mallard, Josephine, and Richards.

I know many women that are in the position Louise was. That was the reason I choose this story.Especially this girl I met a girl who’s been dating her boyfriend for 3 years now and she feels the way Louise does. Lets Just say her name is Blanca. She loves him but at the same time wants to be free. I think it also has to do because she has feelings for me but she’s basically married.

She can’t show those emotions or express them to me or anyone else because to her it will be like sinning. The same as Louise, she couldn’t express those feeling of her finally being free or Joy. Not even to her sister. Also I felt like Blanca, whom I have feelings for is the heart condition.The one that Louise has and the reason why people take care of her and don’t tell her the new right away. The reason I say Blanca is the heart condition is because I feel like I have to be careful with the things I do or say.

The same way they do with Louise. I don’t want her to cheat or lust because what I say or do. I have too much respect and care that I don’t want to put her in that position. I felt like the bad news of Brently death was kind of my feeling towards Blanca. I don’t know how she going to take. The same way Josephine felt when she receives the new about Brently nd needed to tell Louise.

I know that sooner or later I’m going have to tell her. I hoping she takes it like Louise. At first she will feel confuse or sad but then feel free. Now I don’t know if Louise was in love with someone else or Just wanted to be free. This story made me see I side of women I never saw before. For example the emotions they go through.

We as men don’t take in consideration women’s feeling sometimes. The irony in the story also remains me of the time when I was kid. I remember being so happy because my sister was going to get in trouble and some how I was he one who got the whoop in.

Same way Louise felt at the end of story. She was all happy because her husband was died and at the end she’s the one who dies. It’s not tunny nor sad I Just think that’s what sne get tor being nappy about ner husband death. I really couldn’t see where Louise was coming from. I understand back then women were treated badly but in the story it doesn’t say anything about him hitting her or said mean things. My personal response was more like ” why’. The reason I say that is because she felt free but free from what? Nowhere in the story does it mention that Brently was a bad husband.Plus it was 1894, its not like she was free to do what ever she wanted.

Women couldn’t work or vote in those times. It was rare seeing single women making a living like we do today. Lets say Brently had died that day what was Louise going to do? Its not like she can get a Job and take care of her self and theirs two reasons why. One! She was a woman and they didn’t have any rights in those times. Black men were able to vote first than white women. That tells you a lot of how things were back then. The second eason is Louise had a heart condition and one had to be very careful with her.

So I guessing she couldn’t do any hard labor or be stress. That’s why I don’t understand her. It might because I am male and I cant really see it from a female point of view. Maybe that’s why I can’t really see why Louise is full of Joy because of her husband death.

Also another thing I wonder was if she had heart attack because she was happy or sad that Brently was alive? I also wonder if Kate wrote this because she was going through personally? This story also lets me see how far women have come in this country. While in other countries in the world remain the same.America has made it to where men and women are equal as possible. Today we have women in the Supreme Court and Congress. Not to mention in the army too.

Women today can be independent and do what ever they want. Some women take care of their husband and kids. Image you ask someone in the 1900s if that was possible they will probably look at you and laugh their butts off. But I truly respect women and believe us men aren’t anything with out them. Image Obama without Michelle, he probably not be president right now. Like the aying “behind every successful man is a women, behind her is his wife”.I know some let their macho persona speak for them but deep down they know we cant live without women. I love females and I am grateful we have more females than men in the world.

Without women I would probably go crazy. The world needs women to keep the balance and their more peacemakers than men are. They also have more kind and respectful than men are. Kate Chopin . ” The Story of an Hour”. Literature An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and writing. x.

J. Kennedy, Dana Gi0ta. 12th ed. N. D, 2005. 2082-2099. pnnt

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