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Based on the readings I have read, there’s a change in diversity.

They wrote more formal kinds of writings that are very informational. The writer was almost the embodiment of the enlightenment. They wrote arguments, formed their own opinions on matters, and made appeals to others to share in their thinking get angry at them, or so they thought. I mentioned at the beginning there are a lot of similarities in the writings. Both contributed all of their ideas to God, and gave God the credit..The readings had ideas of equality, and both made sure that the next generation was better off than they. Some differences attached to that, like how they made sure the next generation was safe or how they viewed and Implemented equality.

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They all wanted freedom and If they win they have the freedom of religion or to live life. If they didn’t win they suffered being a slave and didn’t get to practice their religion. In the readings that there were different races that have different ultras in a group well an organization. 1 5 points) Score 2. Throughout history, literature has been used as a form of protest.

Choose two selections from this unit and explain why they can be thought of as protest literature. Discuss each selection in its own complete paragraph. Answer: Ben Franklin wanted to make personal changes in an endeavor to be the best kind of American and the best kind of man. He invented bifocal glasses, the lightning rod, and a special kind of furnace stove.

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