Strategies for reading poetry

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Last updated: December 14, 2019
What are the strategies for poetry
1 Preview the poem and and read aloud a few times,2 vislize the images,3 clarify the words and phrases,4 eveulate the poem’s theme,5 let your understanding grow

What are the 3 things preview the poem
1 Notice the poem’s form 2 Look for end punctuation 3 Listen for rhymes and rhythm

What are 2 things how to vislize images
1 Create mental pictures 2 Look for clues about meaning in the images

How do you clarify the words and phrases
1 Look for words/phases that stand out2 Look at word choices 3 Think about the poem’s speaker

Evaluate the poems theme
Ask what’s the point of themselves this poem What is the message

Let your understanding grow
What does the poem say to you Does it relate to anything in your own lifeIs it a new way of looking at something

a major type of literature most poems make use of highly concise (clear) musical and emotionally charged language

imagery words or phrases
that appeal to one or more of the five senses poets often paint images or word pictures that appeal to your senses yo help you experience the poem

figurative language
writing that is not meant to be taken literally it is used to state ideas in vivid and imaginative ways

when something goes is described as though it were something else it works by pointing out similarities between two unlike things

when a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics

uses like or as to make a direct comparison between two unlike ideas

repetition of sounds at the end of words used to add a songlike quality to the verses

Lyric poem
a highly musical verse that expresses the observations and feeling of a single speaker it single unified impression

Narrtive poetry
a story that is told in verse they relate a sequence of events they often have all the elements of short stories 1 characters 2 conflict 3 plot 4 dialogue

What is a concrete poem
uses the shape of the poem on the page to symbolize an idea or image within the poem

Free verse
is being used when the poet creates line breaks and stanzas where ever he/she wants them free verse poetry is not written in regular rhythmical pattern

What is a staza
is formed division of line in a poem considered as a unit many poems are divided into stanza that are divided into stanzas that are separated by spaces stanzas often function just like paragraphs in prose each stanza states and develops a single main idea

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