Strategies to ease the impediments: · Change: The

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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Strategies to ease the impediments: ·        Change: The management should changetheir opinions; manager’s focus should be onbuilding a rational, economic business where there is no place for bias sincebiases influence opinions.

For example, Lemon tree hotel have addressed thisimpediment through programs and awareness-raising activities that work towardschanging the opinion of the management.  ·        Education: The management should educateits employees. They have to create awarenessamong employees of the set of practices and benefits for increasing disabilityemployment. ·        Incentives: Motivate with incentives, organizationsmust be acknowledged and rewarded for their progress. Individual employees atall levels should also be motivated since they will also respond positively dueto incentives. Engagingemployees with disabilities at workplaceSome of the initiatives which organizationsneed to take to engage the employees with disabilities are:v  Involvement: top management involvementv  Policies: human resource policies should be robustand supportivev  Environment: efforts to create an inclusive environmentto help disabled employees among other employeesv  Collaboration: collaboration with non-governmentalorganizations to update their knowledge regularlyv  Infrastructure:  modificationsin the existing infrastructure to support the disabled employeesv Commitment: organizations should build honestcommitment towards leadership. It should encourage its leaders to recruitpeople with disability.  The organizationshould have a culture of recruiting individuals with disabilities in leadershippositions, communicate their decisons and commitment inside and outside oftheir company, and, preferably, find their fervor.

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v Accountability: organizations should create a position and identify a person who will bein charge of attracting, engaging, and advancing people with disabilities andmake sure that person gets the required support and resources which they needto be successful. That person should be made accountable for achievingobjectives of the company. Before giving the employment offer hey have to checkthe personality of the candidate along with their competence in hiringdecisions.v Identity: managers should make it safe toidentify people with disabilities.

Managers should develop an organizationalclimate that makes it safe to disclose and provide solid reasons to disclose,such as flexible work options, technology, access to accommodations, andfacilities.v Skill levels: managers should raiseunderstanding and skill levels of their employees. Training should be impartedto all employees on manners and consideration. Managers should be aware oftheir role in the level playing field, particularly their responsibility ineliminating unintended biases and inequities, they should know how to interviewimpartially and fully understand their accountabilities and legal obligation. The Future Although existing results for employing people withdisabilities have not been astral, there are three trends which will affect thefuture employment opportunities of people with disabilities:1. As the occurrence of disability increases withage, the proportion of the talent pool with disabilities will grow as thepopulation ages.

Apart from age, technological innovations that have widenedthe scope for disabled people to have access to the workplace. Advancement inhealth care has extended and improved the life of people with disability. Dueto the above stated reasons the proportion of the talent pool composed ofpeople with disabilities will be on the rise.

2. The existing incentives and proposed quotas,especially for those doing business in the domestic market and globalization.The motivation to hire people with disabilities will increase.3. The wider application of universal design willfurther improve access due to changing attitudes toward remote work and theincreasing accessibility of technologies that enable remote work, increaseaccess to communication and information technologies.

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