Strengths world best, the only British carrier to

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Last updated: April 28, 2019

 Strengths·        Virgin Brand standard by 98% of British Public.

Brand reputation isimportant for any company, the Atlantic airline got strong foundation andairline was ranked 6th in world best, the only British carrierto make the world top 10.Because of punctuality, Quality and the speed ofdealing with reward claims.·        Averagely Carried over 5 million passengers in a year. Passenger’salways expected good customer service in each travel business /economy andverging able to fulfill their customer satisfaction·        Virgin Atlantic airline is one of the biggest British airlines with over35 destinations because Atlantic has a customer base and preferred airline offcomfortable customers·        Atlantic airline has outstanding advertising and marketing managementteam·        Virgin Atlantic Using high technology: including in-flight music, video,games, and movies.·        Offering loyalty card for regular customers and alsoproviding quality food and comfortable service for them.

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·        More than 8000 people are employed with airline and they are quality andwell-trained staff·        Reasonable pricing for business class offers more services.·        Partnership with Singapore airlines (49% shareholder)Weaknesses·        Flight Delays and need to improve flightcompetence. Virgin AtlanticAirways is known as one of the believed airlines, take care of passengers andtheir needs but sometimes their flights do get delayed due to reasons whichcould have been foreseen.·        Lack of travel routes and limited, increasingdestination and extra flight·        Heavy reliance on celebrity personality of RichardBranson for the promotion of the brand.

because one man owner and director of multiple companies itcan give negative impact and risk for the company·        Main competition from cash-rich Gulf airline.·        Disproportionate growth skewed towards USA flightcompared to other high growth regions especially China, India and midlist·        Atlantic airline decides Cut routes to Chicago, Toronto, and Cape inrelation to the September 11 tragedy.·        Cost of keeping two five star chefs, lounge, and limo service impactnegatively for profit Opportunities ·        US government approved the third runway at HeathrowThis is a great opportunity for Virgin Atlantic.

Theplanned development will create new and affordable extra capacity at Heathrow.It will also reduce the cost of operating to or from Heathrow which iscurrently the world’s most expensive hub airport (Johnson 2016). Further,expansion of Heathrow post-Brexit will allow carriers like Virgin Atlantic tooffer more direct flights to not only UK destinations but also up to 40 newcities abroad such as Wuhan, Osaka, and Quito·        Continued low fuel price in 2017  willtranslate into low fuel cost·        Technology is key factor for airline, flightinternet connection and Website needs to be improved·        may be an unexpected opportunity for investment and make it the morestrong brand nameThreats·        Main threats for the Atlantic airline is fuel price is the fluctuationbecause 15% of total airline expenses going under fuel price.·        modern days traveling for leisure and business is greatly impacted bythe global economy and terrorist attacks .because of this issues fewer peopleare likely to travel .this leads to low income to the Virgin airline and duringthis period possible losses due to its operating cost exceeding income·        Atlantic airline has competition for routes British and the USA·        Competition with gulf airline, Three Gulf bearers like Emirates, QatarAirlines, Etihad and Turkish Airlines are intense contenders.

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