Student Council Election Speech

Everyone: Hey Belleview! We are running for Junior class officers. Michelle: My name is Michelle Le & I’ll be running for President. Fallon: My name is Fallon Mincy & I’ll be running for Vice President. Mad’: My name is Madi Cobb & I’ll be running for Secretary. Brooke: And my name is Brooke Crippen & I’ll be running for Treasurer. Michelle: As leaders, our responsibilities are heavier than that of other classmates. As leaders, efficiency, organization, honesty, compassion, & fairness are skills that we must hold.

As leaders, we are expected to willingly step our foot down & lead our student body. We will carry out these expectations & do the best that we can for our class. With 3 years of experience in student council, I know what it takes to be an excellent president. And I know what can & can’t be done & what needs to be done. After all, we will be working hard this year for you. Fallon: We’re not perfect, but we know that we are capable of fulfilling all the duties of leadership. We know that we possess the characteristics of being leaders.

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We’re determined to accomplish the work that needs to be done as officers & more. We’re dedicated to do great things, accomplish great things, bring new ideas to the table, and lead our fellow classmates in the right direction. And we can’t wait to be the helping hands that mold this year’s path. Mad’: Anyone excited for prom? Do you want prom to be affordable and memorable at the same time?! Well, that’s what we, as class officers, will be working towards this year! Our main goal is to get all Juniors & Seniors to attend prom.

Now, in order to do that, we’ll be working hard to fundraise enough money to lower your ticket prices! The more work we put into fundraising, the lower your ticket prices will be, then more of you will be able to attend! Brooke: Prom is going to be fun; prom is going to be memorable; and most importantly, prom is going to be priced at a reasonable price for everyone. We are here for you. And we’ll be doing the best that we can! This year, we’ll also incorporate your opinions into our decisions.

Your opinions matter, so we’ll let you all vote on many decisions for prom. Michelle: We’re running for class officers, because we care about your experience at this year’s upcoming prom! We’ll put many hours into planning, fundraising, and setting up the best prom Belleview has ever had! Fallon: There is a big difference between knowing what needs to be done and doing what needs to be done. And you can count on us to do what needs to be done! Everyone: Vote us, THE Girls, for your Junior class officers. Class of 201 5!


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