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Last updated: September 26, 2019

        Student name: Kenza BennounaStudent number: 13552757Subject Name: People inOrganisations Subject Code: LB5205Subject Lecturer: Dr Helan Gamage Assessment task 2 : Reflective journal          Theory :Communication & Personal Communication Styles Communication plays a key role inhuman relations. Nowadays, it is important to have an effective communicationsskills as a leader to understand their employees.  First of all, I’m going to show howthe understanding of communication may impact on various situations and conceptsof people in organization: values and ethics in a work place,  our self-esteem and self-awareness, ouremotional intelligence, self-disclosure, motivation and work force diversity. Secondly, I’m going to illustratethese concepts with my personal work experience and therefore show theimportance of a good communication for a healthy and productiveenvironment/firm.Finally, I’m going to present somerecommendations/solutions to improve our communications skills in order to be agood leader (total person approach concept). 1/ A goodcommunication improve our values/ethics .

Therefore our character :  including honesty, integrity and moral strength, reduce values drift .On the other hand, it improves our empathy, trust and self-respect within afirm.« The world is composed of various personality types, all of whichaffect how a person will listen » (Hamlin, 2006). A good communicationbegin with the major factor : LISTENNING.In fact, when i was doing my internship in the biggest hotel in Morocco (Mazagan beach resort) all the major problems were due to internalcommunication.Despite numerous meetings on this subject, an email system, a professionalphone, communication at the Mazagan was « lamentable ». I observed during my internship, a realdisinterest  of the staff andleaders  concerning the importance of agood communication.

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Of course, this affected the quality of the service andtherefore the customers satisfaction. We worked in an environment of over 200hectares, with a customers  verydifficult to manage. The communication needed  just to be sharp. Leaders wantedand thought always that their ideas were  the best and always tried to put down theemployees .Here, the listenning skills was just about leaders which createdTRUST issues and inequality between employees .

The e-mails coming from the general direction were in English, thereforefor those who had difficulties in foreign languages, the message was not welldeciphered and therefore the information was not well passed. This createdanother human relationship issue : SELF-ESTEEM .2/ A good and effective communication improve ourself-esteem . Therefore impact on the organisational context. The empathy is the ability tounderstand and share the feelings and emotions  of another.Empathy increase our self-esteem andself-awareness and therefore our total person approach.

In Mazagan Beach Resort, I couldtotally noticed that there was a lack of empathy between leaders/managers andemployees.Indeed,  I noticed during my internship that peopleworked individually and sought recognition from the President and CEO at theexpense of the work of others.For example: We had to organize a coffeebreak in one of the bars of the hotel. For lack of space, and not havingreserved space for the group. The manager of the restaurant firmly stated thatthe person in charge of the event did not mention it.

Out, the function sheetswere sent, and the event manager in person came 3 times to confirm with themanager of the restaurant that a group of so many people at this time wascoming for a coffee break. Having made the mistake of not sending an email toprove that it had been said. The event manager was wrong and had to go into theoffice of the event director to explain the situation. In conclusion, the EventManager (trainee) was at fault for lack of written evidence.This created a lack of motivation anddecrease the self-esteem of the trainee cause the leader couldn’t accept hismistake and therefore accused the trainee . This leaded to a value-drift issue:”The slow erosion of your core values over time – lying, abuse,theft, or other forms of misconduct that you would not normally display but becomeobvious when you are unhappy, disillusioned”(Doctor Helan, powerpoint).

 3/ To improveour emotional intelligence, a leader must have a good communication skill. In MazaganBeach Resort, there were clearly a lack of emotional intelligence from leadersdue to the lack of empathy towards their employees.The hotel onlyworked by mail. Unfortunately, emails were not always seems and read and oftenthe work was not done. But the biggest problem was that the own managers werecontinually seeking friction with the managers, sending written reports tosenior management about the mistakes that were made. There was no team cohesionand no help from each other. In the end, we were no longer trying to satisfythe customer but to “kill each other” between employees, which isreally a shame for people with years of experience in this field.                                                                            (Source: Wikipedia)Maslow pyramid  Ascan be seen in Maslow’s Pyramid, depending on the style of management, one canknow how successful it is.

With a directive style, we see that the majority ofthe staff will not adhere to this very authoritarian management, centered onthe quantified results and little in the relational and empathy. While on thecontrary, with a more delegative style, the staff will easily adapt because wewill not only in the relationship or in the results but in a happy medium thatwill promote teamwork. According to an excerpt from Dale Carnegie’s book,Making Friends, “Financial success would be due to 15% of professionalskills … and the rest, 85% would be due to the ability to express one’sideas, and generate enthusiasm for an audience.

“(Carnegie,1990) This book explains on 250 pages, that the factto be interested in others, to be sincere and to really concern oneself ofothers will allow not only to have good relations (in the professional frame)but especially of maliciously achieve its goals for its own benefit.Agood organization means knowing how to work in a team, communicate, help eachother, have a good working atmosphere … in order to be always efficient.However, the goal of most great leaders and managers is to improve results.Annually, meetings are held to discuss numbers and percentages.

If the figuresare unsatisfactory, the word “encouragement” is totally out of order.Unfortunately, this is not the way to be a good leader.Accordingto my humble opinion, to be a good leader is to be continuously creative and toinvolve your team in this flow of ideas (brainstorming), to be sensitive to theneeds of your staff as they are the engine of the machine, and without them thehotel could not work at all, it also means having the ability to project itselfon the future, to imagine a new organization, to have a new vision. It is alsoabout being able to lead people to their cause to achieve their goals, but alsoto recognize the efforts they have made and the good work done. Finally, it isessential for a leader to be patient and calm by putting aside all his problemsbecause a team needs a leader sure of himself to be able to follow him.Somepeople are fortunate to have this leadership naturally because it is part oftheir personality.

Unfortunately, sometimes, power is not used wisely. Theperfect example is Ghenter, Mazagan’s managing director, who uses his naturalleadership to force people to move in his direction. He does not like workingin a team but prefers to be alone in making all the decisions.

This kind ofperson, often narcissistic, does not help to raise the business because he cannot get his team up and be followed and do not help to reach the WIN-WINsituation. 4/ Havingcommunication skills impact also on our self-disclosure          (Source : Luft& Ingham, 1955) To increase a productivity andeffectiveness of a firm, it is important to have a self-disclosure. “The methodof conveying and accepting feedback is interpreted in this model. A Johari isrepresented as a common window with four panes. Two of these panes representself and the other two represent the part unknown to self but to others. Theinformation transfers from one pane to the other as the result of mutual trustwhich can be achieved through socializing and the feedback got from othermembers of the group. »  However,during my internship experience in Mazagan Beach resort, the concept ofSelf-disclosure was completely missed.For example, Inorder to continually improve, I think it is necessary to share the problemsencountered with our superiors.

How? Simply by organizing meetings with all themanagers to discuss the malfunctions, problems encountered in order to findcorrective solutions.With the”OOPS” (“OOPS”) is a document that has been created to knowthe problems of the customers, and to know what solution has been brought toit. To fill it out, it is essential to specify with details the type of”(= problems) and make a detailed data of the client (room number,language spoken, arrival / departure). Therefore, depending on the solution,the director can report comments and judge if the person has well taken care ofhis client or not.However, thedirector was used to send this document to all departments even those notrelated with the issue making all the employees aware of the incident.Therefore, theemployee who did this mistake was known publicly that he/she did a mistake .

The employeewas ashamed in front of all employees created a lack of confidence, motivationand trust toward her/his leader and therefore impact on the hotel business .The concept ofoops was for me a good idea but can’t be shared with all employees . In fact,it has to be private between the employee and his leader.The ability ofleaders to understand feedback and employees mistakes was low . Therefore,instead of finding a solution of how to find a solution and to not repeat thismistake, leaders were used to reject all the fault to the employees below themcreating a lack of MOTIVATION. 5/ Managingdiversity and understand employees differences lead to an effective communicationand therefore increase the firm to reach its main goals Perceptual,cultural and language barriers need to be overcome for diversity programs tosucceed.

Ineffective communication of key objectives results in confusion, lackof teamwork, and low morale. Mazagan beachresort is a hotel chain. Therefore, the hotel has international ,policy andrules that need to be adapted in a Moroccan culture.

Adapting these rules toMoroccan employees was really hard cause Moroccan people generally resist tochange.For example, Iobserved during my internship that the work in Morocco was a real challenge anda difficulty in addition. The Moroccan staff is very helpful and smiling, butunfortunately not very qualified and able to handle complicated situations. Asa result, requests are not made on time.Time, however,is the main criterion that will determine the performance of an establishment.

Here is how the duration can be perceived from the point of view of thesituation and from the point of view of the employee.The faster Isolve the problem, the better it is An unsolvedproblem becomes a source of dissatisfactionA problem thatlasts gives rise to a complaintEvaluating thedegree of urgency is the priority to evaluateThe leaders in Mazagan were used totake time to understand employees issues cause they were focused only ofcustomers issues . Leaders were foreigners compare to the employees which werelocal. So there was a lack of communication due to diversity.Here employees and leaders resist to understandothers mentalities and cultures and did nothing to adapt themselves. It is important to create an efficientcommunication environment between all employees not only leaders. This willresult to a better agreement between employees and leaders.

As Dale Carnegie points out in hisbook, there are fundamental techniques for “manipulating” peoplewithout making them feel it. We are not talking about manipulative manipulationtechniques, for speculative, misleading purposes …

but rather for the way torally people to their cause. For example, “let the other person think thatyour idea is his,” and “talk about your own mistakes beforecriticizing the other person” “Establish common ground and notconflict”.For this purpose, we can organizestaff meetings with the general management so that each one of them can givetheir points of view and express themselves openly. Acknowledging his mistakeon the part of senior management will unify the team and establish agreementswith superiors.

 To conclude, for a firm to workproperly it is important that its internal resources build communication skillsto build and strengthening relationships between employees.In my experience in Mazagan BeachResort, I have noticed that lack of communication created a lot of issues allrelated with each other : ineffective communication à lack of trust à decreased self esteem and disclosure à lack of empathy à lack of motivation à decrease the firm growthHowever, it is possible to try it moreefficiently by using some simple methods by putting within the company:Involvement: An involved and motivated employeewill tend and communicate easily. It is important that management ensurestransparency and communicates on everything that affects the company to involveit.Adaptation to change: Resistance to change can cause areal barrier to communication.

This is why it is important to make him aware ofthe interest of change rather than force him to do it.In any case, promoting a goodatmosphere is the best way to avoid rumors and to install a favorable groundfor communication.      

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