Students those who got high grades money it


            Students now days are struggling in schools because of
their grades. They need something to motivate them or make them feel proud of
what they are doing to get high grades. Teachers and parents suffer more than
the students but we found an easy way to solve this problem by giving money to
the students who get high grades. It is an easy way to motivate them.  They will believe that any good results need
to be rewarded so they will work hard on themselves.

            Some people see it as negative thing and others see it as
positive. The negative thing is that by giving to those who got high grades
money it will not be beneficial to them because all what they are going to
think about is money nothing else. Money will not make future to the brilliant
students but education will. Students will grow up by thinking that everything
is about money. If parents keep giving money because of good grades assuming
that money is everything in their life.

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            The positive side is for example me I would do my best on my school to get
money of my own that I earned from school. To focus in school is a big thing,
if you don’t focus on your school, paying attention so the result is that you receive
money. Students now days of all ages love money the reason that they focus in
their lessons and getting high scores is because of money. They will want to
have their own money instead of always asking their parents. That will be
better for them because their parents are not going to ask them from where you
got your money and something like that.

            Based on a study made by
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, money is not a very perfect motivator.
If this task is simple, straight forward and involves only mechanical skills;
then a higher pay would result in a better performance. However, if the task is
complicated that requires theoretical, creative thinking and involves undeveloped
intellectual skills; it would not be successful at all. Many studies have proved
that recognizing student’s accomplishments is the best motivator.
            Studying is student’s
responsibility. Students should study because they want to, not forced to, or
because they are going to get money if they succeeded. It is also wrong to pull
students into studying by using money as it gives them an idea that everything
revolves around money which is a nasty truth that they are not supposed  to learn it. Being paid to study teaches the
wrong values to students. They would have no sense of happiness because all
they want is more money. 


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