Studies and many other countries. Professor Richard Forley,

Studies suggest that mushrooms are the richest dietary source of our planet. 
It is one of more than species that contain nutritional source value from food to medicine that are now part in the United States and many other countries.

Professor Richard Forley, who studied and researched about the interesting life of mushrooms. He observed of what makes them the fastest, the largest and some of the deadliest living things on planet. Mushrooms come from the main kingdom called Fungi and most of the product in the supermarket are produced by fungi; examples are blue cheese, soy sauce, detergent, alcohol, red salmon and many more. He also mentioned that “to identify the fungus all your senses can be used.” 

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Furthermore, Leading Mushroom Biologist Beatrix Potter, who discovers how mushrooms release it spores. She discovered a tiny drop of fluid known as bullet drop formed at the base of every small. As the small ripens and begins to detach, the bullet drop form at the very side of the spores. Some will attach to the other plant to grow, take nutrient from plants and give minerals and water to the plant in the same time as it is a win-win situation for both fungi and plants. 

Mycologist Dr. Patrick Hickey says mushrooms has by “unique spore prints.” He also took an experiment that “mushroom mycelium” could help to tackle the global problem of plastic waste, can help digesting organic waste and recycled. 

Biologists Alexander Fleming who discovered the use of fungus in combating bacterial infection inside human body and produces world’s first antibiotic, the Penicillin. 

Mushrooms present themselves with unique properties that can address all those problems with a single group and that’s what it find exiting is that the solutions are literally underfoot. One simple goal, now beginning to realize that mushrooms are vital to produce its fruiting body bringing the organism to the end of its lifecycle and lead once again to the mushroom. 


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