Study adult patients will be all selected clients/patients

Study area and period

The study will be
conducted in study period at St. Luke’s Catholic hospital and Nurses College in
Woliso town. The town is located 114 Kilometers South West of Addis Ababa with
a total population of the town
37,878, of whom 18,880 were men and 18,998 were women. The majority of the
inhabitants religion  Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity with 63.29% of the population report,
while 19.06% of the population were Protestant and 16.36% were Muslim (2007 central
statistical agency (CSA) report). St. Luke’s Catholic hospital and Nurses
collage(SLCHNC) is built and opened in 2000 by the Italian NGO “Doctors with Africa
CUAMM”, which works in the building to give support to healthcare management
and clinical activities of the staff, serving about 430,000 people. Each year,
there are about 93,000 outpatient visits and 11,500 admissions.

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 It provides compressive health services
through bed capacity of 390 and a total of more than 500 staffs. Currently, the
hospital has more than 310 health professionals of different categories (8
specialists, 6 anaesthetic nurses and 236 all other nurses) and 264 supporting
staffs. Out of these health professionals, 231 Diploma, 5 BSc nurse, 6 are
physicians, 15 are medical laboratory and laboratory technicians,7 are pharmacist
and pharmacy technicians, 3 are radiographers, 4 Health assistant, 2 Sanitarian
and 15 are patient registration clerks and others like physical therapists.
Operation room (OR) unit is one of the units of SLCHCN. In the hospital
different surgery were performed such as thyroidectomy, mastectomy, colostomy,
hemoriedectomy, laparatomy, and etc.

Study design:
– A facility based cross-sectional study design will be used to
assess the preoperative anxiety level and determinant factors among patients waiting
surgery in SLCHCN.

– All adult patients will be all selected
clients/patients who will be diagnosed and scheduled for surgery in SLCHCN
during the study period.

Inclusion criteria:-The study will be included
all patients 15 and above years and those patients able to comprehend and can
communicate ASA (American Society of Anaesthesiologists) I and II.

 Exclusion criteria: – will be excluded
patient diagnosed with any types of anxiety disorder such as phobic, panic,
generalized, obsessive compulsive etc. and patients taking anti-anxiety or
anti-depressant medications such as benzodiazepines, tricyclic antidepressants,
selective serotonin inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and lithium. Patient
who undergoes the emergency surgery and who will understand neither Afan Oromo
nor Amharic language


A formula for estimation of single population proportion will be
used to calculate the sample size. Since there was previous study done on preoperative
anxiety at Jimma University Specialized
and Teaching Hospital (JUSTH) (2014), South West Ethiopia, reported that the
prevalence of preoperative anxiety was 70.3%, calculation will be done
using the assumption of proportion (p) of surgical patients facing
anxiety 70.3%, with 95% CI, 5% marginal error (where n is
minimum sample size, Z is value of standard normal variable at
95% confidence interval, p is maximum expected proportion
which is 70.3% and d is marginal error which is 5%).

= (1.96)2 *0.73(0.27) =   303


Then correction
formula will be used as the number of patients scheduled for surgery


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