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[pic] Section A: Market Analysis • Region, state, and city: U. S. o Where is the analysis of your company taking place? Sprint is an international company and so does not supply information by city or region. This assignment is based business in the U. S. o Why is this particular location selected (are sales down, is the population shifting, etc.

)? Sales are down, customers are subscribing to the competition. Sprints has been unable to meet customer demand for the latest technology (iPhone). o How accessible is this location to the customers? There are Sprint customer care centers in almost every city.Demographics and psychographics (pasted from Sprint.

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com) |Wireless Addicts | |The average age of a wireless addict is mid 30s. This customer visits a Sprint store monthly looking for the latest in technology. | |The wireless addict ensures they have the latest technology before their friends and are constantly educating people on the latest in | |wireless technology. | |The wireless addict deserved significant focus because they influence other wireless users.

We must ensure these customers know Sprint has | |the best selection and an open environment. | | | |Head of Households | |The average age of this customer segment is in the mid 30s. 90 percent are female and have mastered the art of texting. Now, they are | |advancing to social networking and want to update Facebook from their phone. Social networking is a key component for this customer, so | |Sprint is targeting the customer needs by providing assistance in enabling he customer’s device while educating the customer on device | |applications. These customers will not learn all device features without assistance.

| |Multi-Taskers | |The average age of the multi-tasker is mid 30s. This segment is a combination of approximately 60 percent female and 40 percent male | |focusing on device usage for business as well as personal productivity. The multi-tasker has minimal interest in social networking, and | |focuses on speed in task completion.This segment is looking for value, productivity, and assistance in educating them on device usage. | Competition (U. S.

) o The main competitors for Sprint Nextel are AT&T, T Mobile and Verizon. o Select Services offered by the competitors: ? Rollover minutes ? Prepaid plans with no contract ? My Favs ? GSM Network ? 24 hr customer service ? iPhone o Sprint Nextel Select Services: ? Unlimited data while competitors have a tiered plan for data use ? Fist to offer the 4G network. The company also put the new Apple iphone4 on the market as of Oct 2011. Sprint has exclusive rights to the new iPhone5 which will launch in the future. The iPhone 5 will have a faster CPU, 4 inch screen with higher resolution, 1GB of RAM, and will be thinner with a larger battery. o How can Sprint ideally capture a greater market and make more profit in this location? ? Updating the network to be more efficient and have better signal quality is certainly one way to retain current customers and gain new customers. Sprint has new partnership with Clearwire in hopes of achieving this. ? Providing the latest technology gadgets such as the iPhone 5 will also help improve sales.

Providing a prepaid service would bring in customers who do not want to be tied down by a contract. Section B: Target Market Profile • Demographics: Consumers in their Mid 30s. This group is often called Gen X. This generation overlaps the older and younger generations. Gen X is more ethinically and racially diverse than the previous baby boomers. They prefer to live in the pacific region for the most part. The number of this group moving towards the Northeast and Southeast Pacific regions. A large majority of Gen X prefer to rent a home or apartment.

The majority of Gen X also prefers to spend time with their families or a close circle of friends over a quiet dinner. Only a small amount would chose to give up family time to advance their career. The median income level annually per household is approximately %51, 135 with a smaller percentage earning $75,000 +.

• Generation X also prefers to stay single longer, enjoy working out, prefer to pursu their own interest, participate in online dating, are single moms and dads are single parents by choice. Generation X’ers without children are very career-focused while parents are more focused on media which influences their family.The parents are style and fashion conscious and prefer to shop with their families.

Gen X are well to do and model this attitude to their family. Even parents who are not living comfortably monetarily are demanding the best for their kids. • Psychographics: This group is often called Gen X.

Some typical traits and characteristics are that they favor being an individual, don’t like to be micro-managed, are technologically adept using PDA’s, email, laptops and smartphones in their professional and personal lives. Gen X women are more often found in positions of authority in the workplace more than ever before.Gen X are often pretty flexible because they have lived through tough economic times in the 1980s. They value work as long as it balances with their personal lives. Many Gen X women who had more ambitions when they were younger now find themselves putting family first and closing to work part time or not at all. Women of this generation are more educated than ever but are dropping out of full time work due to what is perceived as an ‘unfriendly towards family’ perception in the workplace.

Gen X utilizes technology as a way of life.This generation uses the internet to plan shopping trips, for price comparisons, for news, research, online banking, weather and locating places to frequent which means they watch less and less television. The thinking of the Gen X consumer is ‘give it to me quickly’, ‘make it delicious’, and ‘make it about me’. Marketing has certainly become more personalized to capture the attention of this group. Genration X prefers a good presentation when it comes to viewing goods. This group is willing to spend on quality leisure activities such as fine dining and travel.

Explain why you chose to target this specific market. This market’s lifestyle is one that can afford the new technology Sprint has to offer. They not only have the income but also have the desire to own new technology.

• Explain what about this target market will ensure that your business in that market will be successful. This group (Gen X) treats technology like a necessity. There can never be enough of it to go around. They constantly desire a new diet of the latest and greatest technology out there.

Section C: The Mission StatementNextel Vision/Mission Statement: Enhancing the diversity of Nextel’s workforce and promoting an inclusive work environment to better serve our diverse employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. Sprint Statement of Innovation: We’ve combined two great traditions into a single company with an extraordinary record of achievement. With pride in our bold and entrepreneurial heritage, we’ll continue to open new doors for our customers and our industry. I feel Nextel has a better defined vision statement than Sprint.Sprint literally has not posted any vision, mission, or value statements online.

I don’t know that I approve of the fact that a successful company such as Sprint has failed to post that information. I feel Nextel technology is vital to Sprints success. The company connected walkie-talkie service to the Blackberry, first carrier to provide live streaming video, and GPS enabled phone (with Motorola). Nextel has certainly strived to better service their customers and business partners. I haven’t seen any reviews contrary to their statement. Sprint only had the statement about innovation.

Only looking at this I would say that they will soon live up to the statement about ‘opening new doors for customers and the industry’ by currently offering the iPhone 4 and soon the Apple iPhone 5 (coming June 2012). Prior to this Sprint was first to complete the first 3G 1X upgrade, and work with Nextel to connect the walkie-talkie service for the blackberry for the first time. Section D: Goals and Objectives (Sprint. com) Our Operations We will reduce our impact on global climate change. We will reduce our use of natural resources. We will promote a socially and environmentally sound supply chain.

Our Products and Services We will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services. We will strive to enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact through our products and services. Our Customers We will strive to dramatically improve customers’ experience and earn their long-term loyalty. Our Employees We will promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. We will promote ethical conduct. We will promote a safe and healthy workplace.

We will promote and support environmentally friendly behaviors. Our CommunitiesWe will support our communities through contributions and employee volunteerism efforts that support K-12 education, positive youth development and the environment. Operations We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2017. We will secure 10 percent of Sprint’s energy from renewable sources by 2017. We will recycle 50 percent of our operational waste from our commercial facilities by 2017. We will send for reuse or recycle 95 percent of our Network and IT e-waste by 2017.

We will ensure that 90 percent of our suppliers comply with our environmental standards by 2017.We will achieve a 90 percent device collection rate (measured as the number of total devices collected divided by the number of devices sold), by 2017. • Are the goals and objectives realistic? I think so. I have been a Sprint customer for years and know that they do in fact recycle their products when you return your device. I think any measure to recycle and protect the environment can only be an improvement.

I think the goal of improving the consumer experience is also very attainable. • Are the goals and objectives specific? Some of the goals are very specific while others are not.Example: The goal of achieving 90% device collection is measureable whereas improving customer experience is not. I would recommend they list specifics to make that objective a little clearer. • Are the goals and objectives measurable against a standard? Some of them are and others are not.

Example: Some objectives and goals which are not measureable are the ones that state ‘we will promote…’ various’ things but doesn’t say how often, who will do it, and how it will be measured as compared to the statements about operations which are very clear about methods of measurement.Proposed Customer satisfaction goals & objectives: If I were Sprint Nextel I would state the objective as… Goal: Our customers will receive the latest technology in cellular service and products at competitive prices while also providing superior customer service. Objective: We make available the new Apple iPhone 5 to Sprint customers by the end of the year 2012. We will implement a new program aimed at improving signal quality of all facilities in January of 2012 further improving the quality of nationwide reception.

measured by viewing whether or not there is a reduction in customer complaints via customer survey and reports of signal problems) We will offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of prepaid cellular service across the U. S. by June 2012. (measured by recording how many new subscribers to prepaid service we have at the end of 2013) We will increase our customer service availability by extending services to 24 hours a day beginning January 2012. (measured by noting customer use of the online or customer service line when it is made available)Sales and marketing Goal: Implement marketing aimed at Gen X increasing sales by 20% by the end of fiscal year 2012. (measured by looking at last year’s sales figures) Objective: We will increase social network marketing by 15% of the last year’s campaign ( This amount is based on last year’s marketing figures). We will continue to promote unlimited data throughout out the year 2012 even with the implementation of the new iPhone5 in our marketing campaign highlighting the differences between Sprint Nextel and its competitors. measured by noting whether or we gain new customers and whether or not our current customers remain with Sprint.

) We will market the new partnership of Sprint and Clearwire providing faster service to customers starting January 2012 helping boost sales by 15%. (measured by comparing last year’s sales figures We will promote 15% onetime discounts on the first months bill for new customers who sign a contract or current customers who renew their cellular service contracts and/or recycle their devices. measure by tallying how many technology devices are returned and how many customers remain with Sprint renewing their contract. ) Citation “Our Operations. ” Sprint. 2011. Web. 15 Nov.

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