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Success of anenterprise is greatly enhanced by a clear and comprehensive tool known as abusiness plan (Malcotsis, 2002). A businessplan is simply a document that highlights a company’s products’ or services’portfolio, market forecasts, financial position and budgets, production techniquesand means of achieving her objectives (Ward, 2016).

The plan comesin handy when preparing to actualize business ideas or when expanding analready existing venture. It is the goal of any entrepreneur to establish aprospective business that will be profitable enough to guarantee continuity.This requires a vivid and attractive business plan (Rogoff, 2007). It is adynamic tool that can be updated as necessitated by needs from time to time.A good business planshould provide a thorough analysis and evaluation of the customers, marketvolume/share and competition stiffness. It should provide a concise overview ofthe business and depict creative plans for advertising, running, funding andadministering the enterprise (Ward, 2016).

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It shouldreflect the need of the firm and be achievable, informative and compelling toget all parties to the business committed. A business plan hasnumerous applications for the corporate world. The uses can be classified intotwo broad categories; internal and external. Internally, the plan is used to; conductSWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis for enhancingperformance, harmonize the strategic plans and operations of differentdepartments in large companies, inform the staffs on the business throughevaluation of the past and/or recent performance and trends and lastly providea firm standard for decision making concerning whether the venture issatisfactory or not (Crego, Schiffrin, & Kauss, 1995).

Externally, abusiness plan is used to inform the stakeholders and other interested partiesof mission, vision, objectives, performance and organization of the firm.Furthermore, it is quite useful in soliciting finances for the enterprise (Crego et al., 1995; Malcotsis, 2002). Hence, abusiness plan ought to be compelling, informative, easily understood andrealistic to serve its purpose. Farm MachineryManufacturer Business Plan and Cosmetics Manufacturing Business Plan areselected for this study owing to the prerequisite of the assignment. A briefoverview of each plan is detailed in the outline section.

This is a business planfor Kouros Brothers Ltd (KBL).  KBL is a Cyprianbased firm that provides a wide range of products and services in theagricultural sector. The company is a producer, importer and legal retailer ofall collection of heavy duty agricultural implements. It is the only authorizedintermediary for the major European agriculture producers. The company has widemarkets extending to the Middle East as well as Syria.The firm has spotted anew opportunity and intends to seize it. The government plans to provideincentives amounting to 256 million Euros for agricultural producers thatintend to acquire the state-of-the-art technologies to add value of theirproducts and consequently fetch high prices in the wide market shares (Bplans, 2017a). The businessplan intends to communicate the potentials of the firm, to showcase the company’sgood image and her expanding market shares and to stress the need for fundingto aid in the expansion.

The firm boasts of attractive returns and assets, butlacks adequate capital to acquire the much needed exhibition machinery to caterfor the anticipated huge sales’ potential due to the incentive funds. The firmhas identified a list of prospective and proven buyers of the new technologyand it is under desirable pressure to expand the venture to accommodate the wideningmarket demands. This has, in the long run, forced the company to solicit for £50,000funds to realize her mission.Blue spa is a US firmbased in Oregon State. It is fully owned by the Brunner’s family. Thecorporation “has created a brand concept consisting of both skincare and athletic apparel utilizing multiple channels of distribution” (Bplans, 2017b)  The firm has an eye on the untapped market niche.Currently there exists no brand that is all-inclusive as far as the beauty andfitness products are concerned in this industry. For instance, women customershave been conspicuously neglected in the fitness clothing and auxiliaries.

Thispresents the firm with a glorious opportunity for the establishment and growthof the proposed brand. Hence, the main focus of the brand is on women fromtheir mid-twenties to mid-sixties, especially those with special concern onhealthy living and maintaining fitness. The corporationintends to accomplish her goals by being innovative in marketing and bolsteringherself on quality production techniques. This business plan presents theirmarket analysis, value proposal and their marketing plans. The plan foresees apay-back period of 3 years.

The firm is appealing to investors to fund theestablishment of the brand.

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