Suicide and The African-American Adolescent Male

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Willow’s (1987, 1 996) denationalization thesis focuses on the research of young African-American Males Increased suicides rate being a by product of macro-social characteristics of society (Suborn, Headwords, & Dippiest, 2006, p. 559).

Negating the particularly young males as the statistics indicate the vast increase of 146% suicides during 1980-1995 (CDC 1998: 194) is a plausible reason to look to a theory to gain a holistic approach to this phenomenon. Being a mother to a young African American male, this societal issue of the increased rate of suicides is alarming and the factors that contribute to this phenomenon are as well.I intend on providing information to my son and other’s in my sphere of influence the warning signs and other indicators that can prevent this horrific tragedy that plagues the Africanizing community.

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The research of Suicides among African-American young males has many theories as to why it happens, as well as the sources of what leads them to this collectivities behavior. I in my research will not attempt to solve the phenomenon in this paper, but will formulate a representative model of causes of increased rate of Suicides in Africanizing Teen Males. 4 Research Map What is the purpose of the research?To Explore the African-American Adolescent Male and Suicide What are the assumptions of each discipline? What disciplines are potentially relevant? Psychology Sociology History Economics Applied Professional Psychology- Because of others’ inability to directly occupy the mental world of the suicidal, suicide appears to elude easy explanation Sociology – The idea that Frankincense’s do not commit suicide. History is limited to an ethnic group. Economics – Economic conditions dictate suicide Applied Professional – Stigma causes the individual not to seek help.What are the perspectives of each – Suicide Psychology – Cognitive Behavior Theory Hopelessness Theory Sociology – Suicide.. Social Integration and Moral Regulation History – Prior to 1980 there were not many Suicides reported in the United States.

Economist – Poverty is viewed a dominant factor in Depression Are there any non disciplinary sources or interpretations? No. 5 The Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Behavior Theory basic concept addresses three important factor’s the way we think about ourselves, the way we feel, and the way we act (Smith, 2009).The results of these thoughts in the negative sense as behavioral theorist suggest lead to depression. Having the occasional short term feelings of the blues or down in the dumps is an emotional state that most individuals get past. Severe despondency, dejection along with hopelessness and inadequacy set in an individual hat is deemed a level of major depression, according to Webster. A major catalyst of suicide is major depression which in influenced by our cognition of ourselves. Beck’s Cognitive Behavior Theory foundation is the belief system of an individual.

He believes that negative thoughts are the core of the psychological path of destruction. According to Beck, If beliefs do not change there is no improvement. If beliefs change, symptom’s change. Beliefs function as little operational units. (Martin, 2011).

The approach to this phenomenon from Beck resulted in his Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to help modify a person’s behavioral patterns. During the sessions patients would go through a series of how to perceive their thoughts as positive thoughts versus negative.Beck’s model is based on the theory of psychopathology and is illustrated by how people’s perception of, or spontaneous thoughts about situations influence their emotional, behavioral (and often physiological) reactions (Smith, 2009). Behavior and cognition are so closely linked that one influences the other. 6 Figure 1 . Adapted from Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Behavioral Theory in Personality theories: and introduction by B.

Angler. Copyright 2009 by Houghton Muffling In Figure 1 , the individual is challenged by a positive representation, the angel and a evil representation the devil.The positive side of the map indicates the individual being an active participant in how her thoughts are of her own volition. Whereas the evil side of the spectrum 7 indicate our cultivation, the part of the scheme that we did not directly influence. The factors of the model demonstrate the ease if not channeled properly the feeling of hopelessness and despair that one’s cognition can lead them to the self-destructive behavior of suicide. Mile Deuterium’s Suicide Theory The theory of low socially integrated societies suicide rates are higher that those that are more organized is what the basis of Deuterium’s Theory rest.Druthers unlike some other scholars during his era, namely Max Weber focused on individuals, but Deuterium’s primary concern was how society functioned as a holistically.

He looked at the society and how order was maintained amongst people of different religious and ethnic groups. Druthers in his work The Division of Labor in Society examined how social order was maintained by way of mechanical or organic. (Druthers, CLC 993) The canonical society is one that is self-sufficient and relies on one another whereas the organic society works for wages creating divisions that lead to ever changing societies and creates confusion.The feelings of inadequacy along with hopelessness are key factors in depression that Beck used in diagnosing subjects. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy guiding principle is that the driving force of mental dysfunction 9 are habitual , unrealistic self-defeating ideas automatic thoughts in the clinical parlance that lie tinted lenses, color one’s perception of and therefore one’s reactions to the external world (Smith, 2009). As one of the most utilized psychological health practices, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is beneficial to those that seek the treatment.The seeking of the treatment is the complex issue the African-American community lacks and how to address this topic in future research. Statistics show that suicide is the third leading cause of death for African-American adolescent males.

(National Center for Health Statistics Health Data Interactive, 2008). Suicide according to Webster is defined as the act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.Understanding the phenomenon of suicide in the African-American community particularly adolescent males an examination of Mile Deuterium’s theory of suicide. Is used. Druthers theory essentially states that due to one’s social integration determines how well they cope and deal with life’s extensors (Barman, 991). 10 African American Adolescent Male Cognitive Suicide Hybrid Family Integration/Parental Suicide Theory Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Behavior Theory FIGURE 3 African-American Adolescent Male Cognitive Suicide Model Hybrid Model by T.V.

Ventures, 2011 The hybrid encompasses the cognitive behavior theory with its techniques to address the physiological factors and the suicide model that shows the social integration structures and how African-American adolescent males deal with life stress by family support and parental regulation. The direct correlation of one’s thought and fife’s problems are handled, thus reducing the suicide rate of African-American adolescent males.

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