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Last updated: August 22, 2019

SummaryDiamond mining in Gauteng has become extensive, varyingfrom places such as Kimberley, Port Nollith, and Gauteng’s very own Pretoria.This article speaks about how diamonds are formed and where they are mined.This article also includes how limiting diamond mining in Gauteng has become.

Diamonds are a non-renewable resource and after centuries of mining, diamondmining is nearing its end in Gauteng. When mining diamonds, the process alsouses other types of resources including water (which is a renewable resource)to cool down the machinery and coal (which is a non-renewable resource that isalso scarce) to generate electricity to power the machinery. This article alsotouches on the point of health and safety in the mines.

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It also has a watermonitoring systems, which ensures that no water gets wasted. They also havestorm water management systems. PurposeThis article was written to inform readers about thescarcity of diamonds and how diamond mining is nearing its end in the miningindustry. It serves as purpose of educating individuals on how diamonds areformed. It also informs us that the first diamond ever found was found in SouthAfrica and named Eureka (I’ve found it). The largest diamond was also found inSouth Africa and it’s called the Cullinan.

The purpose is to ensure the readerabout the safety and how the resources are used scarcely. They also pick onillegal mining and the negative and financial impacts of it.Value This article has relevance to my focus question. The mainpoint that I have gathered is that diamond mining is becoming limited inGauteng and the rest of South Africa.

But it’s also shows us how otherresources come into play when mining another type of non-renewable resource.ReliabilityThis article is reliable because it’s the Chamber of Mines South Africa. It’s anofficial website for mining in South Africa. This data is dependable andtrustworthy.

LimitationsI do not think that this site and data was limited at all.There is vast amounts of information on this website about mining. 

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