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Culture gives meaning to objects and activities, such as food and cooking.

How does TTT Supermarket give a different meaning to food and cooking, as compared with a more conventional Labials Superstore Compared to a more conventional Labials Superstore, TTT Supermarket provides customers with unique, even entertaining shopping experience. For example, in TTT supermarket, there is a wide variety of seafood including different kinds of live fish in the tank.Consumers can pick up what they want easily, which is a kind of adventure and discovery. Besides, TTT Supermarket provides free trials customers can try different types of food samples to make decision to purchase.

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Q. Looking at the core societal values (CSV’s) for Canada and China, how is TTT Supermarkets market positioning tapping into differences between the two cultures According to the C.V. scoreboard in the textbook, we can see clearly that Canada and China are quite different in three perspectives power distance, individualism and long-term orientation.Take the first difference for example, highly individualistic societies place high value on self-reliance and personal achievement hill highly collectivist societies tend to live in extended families and be very loyal to these groups.

So TTT Supermarket balance both segmentation when positions its market. For the Asian Canadians, TTT Supermarket focuses on family, friendly and honest. For the local Canadians, TTT Supermarket focus on personal freedom.

Besides, the power distance in China is relatively high compared with that in Canada, so TTT Supermarket position its customers not based on the status or class but treat every customer equally.Q. What role are encapsulation and acculturation playing in TTT Supermarkets success TTT Supermarket not only serves the traditional needs of the rapidly growing Asian Canadian population which is a process of encapsulation for Asian Canadian but introduces Asian food to consumers from different background which is a process of acculturation for foreigners. As the population of Canada will become increasing diverse, so the marketing strategy of TTT Supermarket will be definitely successful.

Q. How does a business like TTT Supermarket affect acculturation Does it help Canadians learn more about Asian culture Does it inhibitAsian immigrants learning about Canadian culture According to the textbook, encapsulation represents the way a person learns his or her native culture. Acculturation is the process by which consumers come to learn a culture other than their natural, native culture. Acculturation is a learning process. So TTT Supermarket position both segmentation but I think it helps more for the Canadians to learn Asian culture. Because TTT Supermarket is a typical Asian store and Asian Canadian have already hold tradition and habits such as cooking style, so it is hard for them to hang and accept the western life style.

Q. Which of the quartet of institutions influence consumers choice of grocery stores What impact do the Canadian media have on consumers food preferences I think family factor in the quartet of institutions influence consumers choice of grocery stores most. The media usually play important role to lead food preferences for consumers.

For example, the society is paying more attention to eating health and low calories, so some public service advertising and food brand advertising will focus on this point, which will change

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