Syed destination for a nation. Syed Maududi argues

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Last updated: October 2, 2019

Syed Abul Aa’la Maudoodi’s was a reformer and the great philosopher of the Twentieth Century. He was a profuse writer and is credited with literally hundreds of works on a diverse range of issues along Quranic illustrations, hadith (Prophet activities), law(Shariah), philosophy and history. Literally, he has discussed every section of human life in the light of Islam in his literature. His simple answers to complex problems have a wide appeal.

Moral development was the main theme of his thought. He has successfully proved that Islam and the Islamic education is the only solution for humankind. He started to write the world famous tafsir (Quranic interpretation) Tafhim’ul Quran in the base of four correlative ideas. He believed essential to understand Quran: Ilah (divine), Rab (Lord), Ibadah (worship) and Din (religion). Fundamental philosophical thoughts rooted in Islam that (i) ultimate reality is Allah (SWT); (ii) ultimate source of knowledge is manifestation (wahi); (iii) every person is a Representative (khalifah) of Allah (SWT) and every person is responsible for his responsibilities in front of Allah (SWT).Sayed Abul A’la Maududi wanted to build the character of the youngsters in the illumination of Islamic philosophy.

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He also believed that Islamic education is one of the best methods of the revolution. Even he thinks that education system will set a final and desirable destination for a nation. Syed Maududi argues that the thesis of education must be based on the following aims: • Strengthening the Truth of Islam in the hearts of the students. • Building the character of students in the way of Islamic methods. • Producing productive body individuals. • deputizing the culture to the younger generation. Particularly, Sayed Abul A’la Maududi has indicated the faults of the contemporary modern educational system as well as of the religious educational system. He proposed a realistic and welfare education based on the principle of Islam amalgamating the modern and religious educational system.

He proposed the educational system for all levels. His philosophy of education has tremendous significance for the educational system of his own country Pakistan as well as many regions of the world. This paper presents an effort of Syed Abul Aa’la Maudoodi’s philosophical thoughts and its implication to educational System.

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