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A Synthesis Paper for FFP I. Introduction As the first semester in college is about to start, I started to wonder what college would be like. I find it awkward at first, because this is my first time entering a university, a well-known and respected university. In the middle of the semester, college is really different from high-school.

Quizzes, oral recitation, and seat-work here and there, college teachers are so fast compared to the high-school teachers. Adjusting with the pace in college was a real challenge. With the First-year Formation Program was really a big help for me.At first I thought that this subject would be boring but then I was wrong. FFP is indeed a big help for students adjust and help them in their transistion to college life. FFP also introduced values that we can apply in daily lives and make God the center of our life. II. First Point : Belongingness At first I had felt awkward, kept telling to myself that “I don’t belong here”, nervous, and shy.

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During the first activity I was so shy to open up with my groupmates but with the help of FFP, I was able to conquer my fears to open up with people that I don’t really know that well.During the first half of the semester, I was able to find myself a place in this university. The formation group was also a big help for me in adjusting and to have the feeling that I am accepted and respected as a person. III. Second Point : Self-Awareness By the time that I feel accepted and respected for who I am as a person, I started to ask myself “ do I know myself that well? ”.

During this time, our class had a film showing about John P. Foppe, a man born without arms yet he still succeeded in his life and overcomed his fears. With this movie, I was moved by a line of what John P.

Foppe had said in the movie “making the best of what you have, when you don’t have the best of everything” with this line, I said to myself again “if John P. Foppe can do all those things without his arms, how about me? when I have a complete set of arms and yet I wouldn’t use the full potential out of it”. God has given us all the things in life that is really essential to us human beings, with this things it really more than enough, so we must do our part to make the best out of it for the greater glory of God. IV. Third Point : A Person for OthersAs the first semester is about to end, all I have learned in FFP would be carried as I would grow and to be a person for others. FFP’s thurst to mold students a better person not only just for themselves but also for others and most of all for God. As a student, I must be aware of what’s happening right now in our society and be able to help those less priviliged brothers and sisters, and also those people who need our help. During the exposure acitivities, which made me strucked and opened my eyes about what is really happening to the country and to my fellow Filipino people.

It made me realized that, I need to do something about it.With this line in the FFP manual “As a social being, I live in a society and attain my fullness of life in the context of society”, it is my to intervene in the society and be a part of a good solution for the problem which the society is facing, not only to be part of the solution, also we must put ourselves in their situations. V. Conclusion FFP has taught me several things in which I could use not only in my college life but also as I would grow and be part of a bigger society. Most of all FFP has taught me to be a person, that puts God in the center of everything that I do even if it its big or little.

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