Syria appropriate measures and modern technology the effect

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Last updated: April 5, 2019

Syria has been underPresident Assad’s governancesince the past seventeenyears. Under President Assad’sgovernment, Syrians lacked constitutional freedom and civil rights. The citizenswanted to overthrow their current ruler and elect their own ruler throughdemocracy.

To overcome riots andprotests, armed forces were adopted by the government which resulted in deathof many civilians, worsening situations and further led to major unrest in thecountry.This led to the civil war inthe country – a war between President Bashar Assad’s government and the rebels!In the midst of riots andcommotion due to the war, terrorist organizations and militants have takenopportunities to takeover certain parts of Syria. This has led to the increasein terrorist activities in Syria which have added to the distress and has ledto the Syrian government in adopting more forces, increasing the bloodshed inthe country. JOver the course of 7 years,over 60% over Syrians have been severely affected by the uncertainty in thecountry. The civil war has not onlydestroyed homes but the Syrian Economy as well. Syria’s GDP per Capita isreduced by approximately 12%.

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To stabilize the economy and develop the damagedinfrastructure the country would at least require $40 billion. France is one of the most active members in the west who are trying tosolve the current dispute in Syria. France wants to take action as fast aspossible, however due to regulations, procedures and authorities France wasunable to conduct all its desired activities. The French Government hasconducted Air Strikes in different parts of the Middle East as well as Syria toeradicate terrorist groups. It may be argued that any sort of militaryactions taken in Syria can result in the death of a large amount of innocentcivilians. However, with appropriate measures and modern technology the effectcan be reduced to a minimal resulting in minimum deaths of civilians involvedin the conflict. Military action is the most effective manner to combat thecrisis in Syria today. The crisis has reached an extent where violence isuncontrollable without military intervention.

Negotiating with Syria is anotherpossible solution. In the past there have been negotiations with President Assadregarding the conflict and solutions had been proposed. Due to lack ofcooperation, negotiations had no favorable outcomes. Superpowers and other countries such as USA, Russia and China play amajor role in the crisis.

Their support for the opposition and SyrianGovernment in terms of finance and military has further added to theintensified the situation. It may be argued that their major interference inthe UNSC has delayed the adoption of resolutions which could have resulted insolving the conflict much earlier. It can be assumed that certain countries’ position,for instance Russia, maybe  one of themain reasons why combating the conflict is taking so long!France, USA and UK share similar ideas on tackling the conflict in theMiddle East. The conflict has already escalated to such a level thatdeescalating the conflict requires international cooperation, adequateresources and heavy reliance on military action!Under Mr.

Assad’s dominanceon Syria, the country has witnessed gross violations against humans committedby the government forces. Violations include extreme torture and sexual abuse.As evidence suggests, the Syrian Forces have at least killed 11,000 innocentcitizens between 2011 and 2013. Therefore, it is imperativethat the current Government steps down as fast as possible for internationalpeace and peace within Syria.

With the current form and the government achievingsuch a goal seems impossible as at the moment Bashar al-Assad is a hindrance to peace. Once the government isoverthrown, a new D emocratic Government has to be established and DevelopmentAid shall be provided to Syria which will assist in developing destroyed infrastructureand strengthen the economy.

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