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            Tableof content 1.Abstract……………………………………………………………. 1 2.Introduction………………………………………………………..

. 2 3. ToolsDescription………………………………………………….. 3 4.

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4 5. Comparison ofTools………..……………………………………… 5 6. Conclusion………………………………………………………….

6 7. References………………………………………………………….. 7                     1.

Abstract: Softwaretesting is an essential phase of software development life cycle. Today manysoftware applications are written as web based application that runs in anInternet Browser. The economic relevance of web based application increases theimportance of controlling and improving its quality. The quality assurance of asystem depends upon automation testing that decreases the test cost andincreases work efficiency. Here we have discussed various web automationtesting tools which will help us to understand the automation testing as wellas the tools available for automation testing.

A variety of web based systemsand applications are tested by automation testing tools. The automation testingscript is used in test automation. To choose the best tool for a task, variousissues like ease of integration should be considered and weighed against thecost and performance. Also the tool needs to be compatible with the design andimplementation of an application.  2. Introduction Software testing is an essentialphase of software development life cycle. Today many software applications arewritten as web based application that runs in an Internet Browser. The economicrelevance of web based application increases the importance of controlling andimproving its quality.

The quality assurance of a system depends uponautomation testing that decreases the test cost and increases work efficiency.In this paper we have discussed various web automation testing tools which willhelp us to understand the automation testing as well as the tools available forautomation testing. A variety of web based systems and applications are testedby automation testing tools.

The automation testing script is used in testautomation. To choose the best tool for a task, various issues like ease ofintegration should be considered and weighed against the cost and performance.Also the tool needs to be compatible with the design and implementation of anapplication. Typesof testing ·       Static and dynamic testing:Static testing is done without executing the programwhile the dynamic testing requires program execution.·       The box approach method:In this method white-box and black-box testing isinvolved.

·       Manual and automation testing:Manual testing is held without any tool whileautomation testing is a process that involves automation of a manual process. Webautomation testing and tools: Webtesting:Itis the name given to the software testing that focuses entirely on webapplications. Webautomation testing:Itis used to ensure the usual functionality works correctly, provides the abilityto reuse and extend the tests across multiple platforms and ensure that all theusers accessing the web application get results in an acceptable time.   Features: ·       Saves time andmoney·       Improves accuracy·       Increases testcoverage·       Does what manualtesting cannot Tools 1)  Selenium2)  HP-QTP3)  Test-complete4)  Watir5)  WET6)  Silk-test7)  WinRunner 3.

Tools Description: Ø Selenium: Selenium  is a  portable  software testing  framework  for web  applications.  Selenium contributes a record-recap appliance for authoring testswithout learning a test scripting language such as Selenium IDE. Selenium is a collectionof various software tools each with a different approach to support test automation. MaximumSelenium Quality Assurance Engineers focus on the one or two tools that most meetthe needs of their task, but studying all those tools will give you many different options forapproaching different test automation issues. The complete testing suite of tools which isavailable results in a rich set of testing functionsspecifically geared to the needs of testing of web applications. Theseoperations are totally adaptable that gives many choicesfor locating User Interface elements and comparing expected test results against actual behavior of an application. One ofSelenium’s important feature is the support for executing one’s tests on multiple browserplatforms 8.

Selenium is basically used for the functional testing ofweb based applications. It can be used for testing in the continuous integrationenvironment. It is also useful for agile testing. It is the free software that works on all threemajor platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux.     Ø HP-QTP: QTP stands for QuickTestProfessional, a product of Hewlett Packard (HP). This tool helps testers to perform an automated functional testing seamlessly withoutmonitoring once script development is complete HP QTP uses Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) for automating theapplications. The Scripting Engine need not be installed exclusively as it is available part of the Windows OS.

TheCurrent version of VBScript is 5.8 which is available as part of Win 7.VBScript is NOT a object oriented language but a object based language.  HP Quick Test Professional(QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps testers to performautomated regression testing in order to identify anygaps, errors/defects in contrary to the actual/desired results of theapplication under test.

HP QTP uses Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) forautomating the applications. The Scripting Engine need not be installedexclusively as it is available part of the Windows OS.   Ø Test-complete: Test-Complete is a graphicalinterface record-playback automation tool. Test-Complete supports varioustesting types and methodologies: unit testing, functional and GUI testing,regression testing, distributed testing. Test Complete supports two types ofapplications, web Applications and window applications. Testing is a process ofanalyzing a software item to detect the differences between existing andrequired conditions and to evaluate the features of the software. It is the importantphase of system development life cycle.

Software companies follow the completesoftware testing life cycle to test the application. The selection of particularautomated testing tool is based on the type of application we are testing andthe cost associated with the tool Test Complete offers automated functional,unit, regression, manual, data-driven, object-driven, and distributed, HTTPload, stress and scalability testing in one easy-to-use it is a full-featuredenvironment for automated testing of Windows, .NET, Java and web applications.It has been designed to free developers and QA departments from the massivedrain on time and energy required by manual testing. Ø Watir: Watir is built on the object-orientedscripting language Ruby. Its developers have used it for large-scale system testing, functional testing, and forautomating user acceptance test. Watir uses a real programming language, is a free open source product, andallows direct control over objects such as HTML and JavaScript in a Web page.There are no layers between the HTML and test scripts—one can create its own ifrequired and no license fees.

     Ø WET:WET Web Tester is a web based testing toolthat drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. Thetool allows a user to perform all the operations required for testing web applications – like automatically clicking alink, entering text in a text field, clicking a button etc. One may alsoperform various checks as a part of the testing process by using Checkpoints.The latest version of WET is 1.0. WET sits ontop of Watir, an automated test tool which uses Ruby scripting language.

WET retains all the features that Watir has andadds many usability related functionality 10. WET started off as a small extension library for Watir – WatirExtension Toolkit. It has come a long way and isnow bundled with many compelling features. As the WET code base has grownmultiple times, it now uses Watir just as the library to drive IE. WETnot only offers all that Watir offers but many more powerful features to make test automation effort a success. With the increasedfeatures bundled into the code base, now WET no longer referred to be as Watir Extension Toolkit. It is simply calledas WET. Ø SILK-TEST:SilkTest® from Segue® is theindustry’s leading functional and regression testing product for enterpriseapplications,whether they are deployed in Web, .

NET, Java or traditionalclient/server-based environments. SilkTest is an easy-to-use test automation environmentoffering many features that enable users to be highly productive in theirsoftware testing efforts. These features include workflow elements for testcreation and customization, direct database access and validation, the flexibleand robust 4Test® scripting language, a built-in recovery system for unattended testing and theability to test across multiple platforms, browsers and technologies with oneset of test scripts.

 Ø Win-Runner:Automated testing with WinRunner addresses these problems by dramaticallyspeeding up the testing process. You can create test scripts that check allaspects of your application, and then run these tests on each new build. AsWinRunner runs tests, it simulates a human user by moving the mouse cursor overthe application, clicking Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects, and enteringkeyboard input—but WinRunner does this faster than any human user.

 4. Feature Description: Selenium: ·       Easy to use and adopt·       No need to learn test scripting language·       Browser independent ·       Free software·       Runs on major platforms i.e Windows, Mac, andLinux   HP-QTP: ·       No skilled coder is required·       Object Oriented programming language·       Easy to use and navigate·       Enables easy scheduling and monitoring·       Used for Mobile Application Testing Test-Complete: ·       Fully automated test recording from interactiveusage of the application·       Uses key-word driven testing·       Test visualization·       Data-driven test using test, Excel and Databasedata sources·       Multi-browser support and cross-browser testing  WATIR: ·       It supports cross-platforms·       Requires skilled coder ·       String and dynamic typing disciple·       Written in Ruby (Programing language)·       Does not run multiple scripts WET:  Automation – Record and playback feature·       Object parameterization·       Ability to run multiple scripts·       Script Re-usability·       Integrated Data Driven support·       Ease of creation of scripts SILK-TEST: ·       Recovery System for 24x7x365 unattended testing·       Basic Work flow for instant productivity·       Data Driven Work flow for testing business logicfunctionality using externally stored data·       Auto-Complete for rapid test customization andautomation infrastructure development·       Project Workspaces for organizing and sharingtest information·       GUI abstraction layer for more reusable, easierto maintain tests and scripts·       Extensible, highly portable and easy-to-maintainscripting language·       Distributed testing for efficient usage ofhardware resources and increased productivitySilk-Test Runtime for test execution and reporting  Win-Runner: ·       FunctionalRegression Testing Tool ·       Windows PlatformDependent ·       Only forGraphical User Interface (GUI) based Application ·       Based on ObjectOriented Technology (OOT) concept ·       Only for Staticcontent ·       Record/PlaybackTool  5. Comparison of Tools Name of tool Language use OS Type Release/ Development year Licence Devel-opment status Develo-per Language supported Brows-er support 1 Selenium Java Cross-plat-form Software testing framework for web application May 22, 2013,(2004) Apache 2.

0 Activre Jason huggins Domain specific language All major developer 2 HP-QTP VB script MS-wind-ows Test automation 2006 proprietary Active Mercury Interactive VB script Firefox 3.0 and later Google chrome 3 Test-Complete Java MS-windows Test automation Sept.3 2013/ 1999 proprietary Active SmartBear software Inc. VB script, Jscript,C++,C#script, DelphiScript IE, Firefox, Google Chrome 4 Watir Ruby Cross-plat-form Software testing framework for web application Sept.30, 2012 BSD Active Bret Pettichard and Paul Roger Java, .

Net, c# IE, later multiple browsers 5 WET Ruby MS-Windows Web-Based Testing Tool 2012 MIT Active Gov. of Canada Ruby IE 6 Silk-test 4Test Scripting language MS-windows Test automation Oct.10, 2012 proprietary Active Segue software Java, 4Test, VB,C#, IE and Firefox 7 Win-Runner C language MS-windows, Linux Load Testing Tool 2006 proprietary Active HP software division Test Scripting language IE, Netscape  Selenium: It uses Java language and also supportscross-platform. It has Apache 2.0 and it runs on all web browsers. It haslanguage support for domain specific languages.

 HP-QTP: It uses and supports VB Script andoperates on MS-Windows. It has proprietary license. It runs on IE, Firefox andGoogle Chrome.

 Test-Complete: It uses Java language and hasMS-Windows support. It has proprietary license. It runs on IE, Firefox andGoogle Chrome Browsers. It supports VB Script, JavaScript, C++,C#Script andDelphi Script.

 Watir: It uses Ruby language and supportscross platforms. It has  BSD license. Itinitially had only IE support but later it received multi-browser support. Itsupports java, .

Net, and C#. WET: It uses and supports Ruby language andhas MS-Windows support. It has MIT license. It has IE (browser) support.

 Silk-Test: It uses 4Test scripting language andhas MS-Windows support. It has proprietary license. It runs on InternetExplorer and Firefox. It  supports Java,4Test, VB, C#, and VB.Net. Win-runner: It uses C language, and has MS-Windowsand Linux support.

It has proprietary license. It runs on IE and Netscape. Itsupports test Scripting language.6. Conclusion We have analyzed differentautomated tools for web testing.

Web based automation testing is concerned withtesting web based applications in an automated way. A variety of automationtools are feasible for testing web applications. To decide which tool is best,one has to tally the requirements with the tool’s features. For instance if anorganizations is looking for rapid results he will go for speed and if an organizationstruggles with their budget, it is likely to search for a cost effective tool.The requirements can be categorized according to the feasible tools. If an organizationrequires speed in testing then the possible testing tool is Test-Complete,but the tools comes with a cost.

The Test-Complete has to be licensed and it’slicense is quite costly. So if the organization prefers speed over cost then itwill be the right call to use Test-Case. However it the organization can’thandle the cost then they will have to manage the trade-off. On the other hand ifan organization wants a tool that is cost effective, they may have tosettle for a tool that has a very slow testing speed.

Or if the material to betested is on large scale the tool should be chosen according to this specificneed. For example for large-scale testing Watir is most suitablechoice. So it is clear that a tool is best for a job only if it is chosenaccording to the need.  An organization thatwants a balanced tool may consider Selenium. It is both costeffective and flexible but again it is not best known for its speed. So ingeneral if is a good tool but specifically- well it depends on thespecifications.

 Finally, all testingtools have their strengths and weaknesses or limitations. It is important toknow the requirements to choose the best tool for a test case to perform mosteffectively. All cases are to be judged by their suitability instead of theirshear performance or cost.    7. References: 1.

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                           BETTER SOFTWARE, APRIL 2005 by Jonathan Kohland Paul Rogers  

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