Take the stadium and the grand stadium was

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Last updated: March 24, 2019

Take the subway to the Olympic Park. As soon as the subway station comes out, it sees the bird’s nest standing in the green trees and the Olympic Park surrounded by water.

The bird’s nest is worthy of the name, like a huge birds nest. Its originality and beauty, and its difficult construction are incomparable. It perfectly undertakes the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and shows the best side of China to the world. And then, after a long and long line, I finally walked into the Bird’s Nest stadium. Once I went in, I can’t see so many things in my eyes. A large number of clean chairs were arranged in the stadium densely, the number of them was 91 thousand, so they could sit many people. I walked around the stadium and the grand stadium was in front of me.

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My eyes seemed to have appeared 10 years ago: the map slowly started on the ground, and the flag fluttered in the bird’s nest, ten thousand of fireworks, such as flowers blooming in the city of Beijing, and the Olympic flame burning. I don’t think I can visit all the stadiums today. By the way, the day I went to the bird’s nest was a special day. It was August 8th, it happened to be the opening day of the Olympic Games, and it was very memorable.After visiting the nest, I came to the water cube, the water cube is the National Swimming Center. The water cube is not far away from the bird’s nest, the middle of the water cube and the bird’s nest is a wide and clean road, and many cars are on the road in order. when I came out of the bird’s nest, I saw that the water cube is like the ocean, because the Water cube holds water-related sports events, such as “swimming, diving.

so its surface is light blue.  It is made of a special material. It is very convenient to repair the structure. If the water cube has broken a hole, the computer will automatically appear, it will repair it by itself. It is also very lightweight and has good self-cleanness.

Dust is not easy to stick on it, and dust can also be discharged with rain. At night, the color of the water cube will change. It’s a swimming pool with a combination of high technology and creativity.

 Before I came to the water cube, I heard that there were a water park and a swimming pool. It was open to the public. I was also going to experience swimming in the water cube. The swimming center opened by the water cube is beautiful and tidy, and it is clean, whether it is a shower room, a bathroom, and a dressing room. I changed to my swimming pants and jumped into the pool.

The swimming pool of the water cube is quite standard, and it is a huge rectangular body. The water temperature is constant, and it makes people feel very comfortable. And the water in the pool is blue and limpidity. The professional swimmer said that the water cube was the best swimming pool they had ever been to. That I could swim in a place where the athletes were swimming was very excited.When I was standing in the light, I couldn’t calm down for a long time.

I thought about what happened in 2008. I learned a lot, and I grew up.The water cube and the bird’s nest is our Chinese pride, is a symbol of our China. make us always looking forward to the future! Look, the colorful fireworks, a series of neon lights in everywhere. Although it was already a few years ago, cannot forget that day, can not forget that year, can not forget the splendid bird nest and the water cube.

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