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The signs of the conflicts are When the students met is production schedules and had spare time for goofing around the students made inappropriate remark and demeaning comments the experienced worker began to retaliate with sabotage the students flaunt their performance In front of other crew use the conflict model to Identify the structural causes of conflictThe structural causes of conflict are the Intergenerational between the young geek and the experienced workers that create differentiation of expectation, experiences, needs and values Incompatible goals Is also an Issue to cause the conflict, the experienced employees might strive for quality of products whereas the geek team might strive for the quantity such as Just get It done, meet the production requirement.Lack of communication Is also an Issue due to the two teams work on woo different lines, the experienced workers are not motivated to communicate with the geek as they think the geek are slow and ignorant. (b) Discuss the escalation of conflict described in this case.

The escalation of conflicts are the geek made demean comments on the old workers, the conflict went worse when the old workers began to retaliate with sabotage to slow down the geek’s performance. Finally, Jensen had to step in to minimize the conflict.If you were Dan Jensen, what action would you take in this situation? There are 5 conflict handling styles: problem solving, forcing, avoiding, yielding and compromising. The best style depends on situation I would take the problem solving that will be beneficial both teams.

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If this method does not work, forcing will need to be considered. I would consult with legal/lawyer to setup policies that are reasonable and accordance with law and each employee must follow.

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