Tan known as Vincent Tan. He was born in

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, also known as Vincent Tan. Hewas born in February, 1952 at Batu Pahat, Johor. He graduated from an Englishsecondary school. He is one of the businessman and investor in Malaysia. Beforehe started to his present business, he has been started up his business intrade, silver car industry, insurance agent, and housing development. Heinvolved in various type of the industry and this has bring more advantage tohim in the future. As experience can give him more familiar in businessventure.

He is the founder of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, a conglomerate listedon the Malaysian stock exchange. It core businesses include consumer marketingand direct selling, recreation development and telecommunication, propertyinvestment and development, hotels and resorts,.             He was unable to studylaw oversea because his parents could not afford to pay for his education.

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As atthat moment, his father business was on the risk also. So he make his decision to work instead to help his family solve theissue, he started to work as a clerk in a bank. He also looks for another jobat the same time, he started his part-time job at the American InternationalAssurance Company as an insurance agent. Finallyhe was promoted to Senior Sales Manager within four years with his high abilityand talent.

At that moment, Tan Sri Vincent Tan was just 23 years old and thishad given the people a force of example. To become successful person, we need togive our great effort and determination to achieve the desired goal that we setup. Without effort and strive for it, we are unable to achieve the goal so easily. As anentrepreneur, proactive is a vital skill entrepreneur must own. A proactiveentrepreneur is aware of something changes, quickly thinking and take action inperfect timing. They create their own environment, future and business.

Proactive let him worked hard to find out opportunity to develop his business. Tan Sri Vincent Tan is the first one of Malaysian whobrought in the McDonald’s franchise business into Malaysia in 1980s.            Tan Sri Vincent Tan has big turningpoints in his life, which has helped him to be the successful man for today.His first turning point to help him to be the successful man today is when hesaw magazine’s article which entitle “Hamburger Kingdom”. Tan SriVincent Tan was attracted by the belief so he decided to chase his dream ofopening a McDonald’s franchise in Malaysia. To achieve the idea, he started to sentthe company some news report, proposal and article about fast food business, informationand  economic about Malaysia every week. Atfirst his application was rejected, but he does not give up easily and continueto apply over and over again, till one day his application was approved.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri VincentTan successfully grab the opportunity as the master franchise in McDonald. Hehold 51% of stake at that time. After do marketing survey about where to allocatethe McDonald shop.

He make up decision to open the first McDonald shop at JalanBintang, Kuala Lumpur. The succession of McDonald do not satisfy Tan SriDato’ Seri Vincent Tan so he continue to expand his business. Tan Sri Dato’Seri Vincent Tan successfully buy a company name as Berjaya-Kawat with holding37.8% of stake in 1982. And at that time he change the company name fromBerjaya Kawat to Berjaya Group. Nowadays, Berjaya Group are diversified invarious type of industry.

Tan Sri Vincent Tan was brave to take risk as he knewthat if he was fear to give a try impossible he will be successful one day. Althoughmaybe you will be fail next time, but you can take this failure as anexperience to read in mind and remind yourself next time you won’t be repeatthe same failure again.  Tan Sri Vincent Tan with anestimated worth of US$1.3 billion (RM4.2 billion) enteredthe Forbes billionaire list in 2010.

Tan’s success in the Malaysian business sector hasbeen proven that nothing is impossible in this land of opportunity even thoughwithout advantage of higher education. Tan Sri Vincent Tan was a person thatcreate miracle in the business.          

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