Tan to find aspecial paper-making villages. From picking

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Tan Dunborn 18 August 1957?born in hunan changsha?is a Chinesecontemporary classic composer and conductor most widely known forhis scores the movies  Crouching tiger?Hidden Dragon and Hero, aswell as composing music for the medal ceremonies at the 2008 BeijingOlympics.

"Paper Music" is a piece of music created by Tan Dun for theopening of the construction of Disney Concert Hall in LosAngeles, USA. He used "paper", the most common andcommon item in daily life, as a solo instrument as cardboardbuckets, cartons, cheerleaders' paper balls, paper bags,paper umbrellas, and so on. Paper music device set up onthe stage was according to the sound principle with brand-new design and intense audio-visual effect. It is expressedby friction, swing, vibration, shredding, slapping, crumpling,twisting, colliding, waving, palm-striking, plucking,whistling, rotating and vocalizing with human voice. Papermusic is to make paper sound from beginning to end with allkinds of paper, and with pulling, rubbing, tearing, patting,and blowing. It's a piece of paper with a symphonyorchestra. He used three giant paper axes from the ceiling tothe stage to stage percussion instruments, creating a stormof rolling and jumping paper shafts under the beating of thebatter. The show combines concerto, theater performance,visual space, and music appreciation, thus changing theaudience's traditional perception of music.

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Tan Dun'sorganic music is an exhibition for a specific space, with adeep interest in and exploration of sound and matter innature. In order to improve the heart of "paper music", TanDun has been in Guizhou, Hunan and other places to find aspecial paper-making villages. From picking to crushingbamboo, he learned how to make paper from the locals andlive in the local organic environment. Tan Dun, who createdwhile traveling, further understood the influence of Taoistculture. The use of paper is due to the weakness of Taoistculture, and now only burning paper money remain. In fact,before that, there were still a lot of paper-related steps,paper music and paper-cutting have been developingtogether. https://youtu.

be/B21AMKvORmshttps://youtu.be/vh-ZVdbC_FMhttps://youtu.be/JSdTDkAEnhw"Water Music" is the work of New York PhilharmonicOrchestra, is also considered to be Tan Dun's most avant-garde experimental work. It uses "water", which is closelyrelated to people's lives, as an important musicalinstrument.

And it uses more than 50 water-related devicessuch as hemispherical transparent basins, water pipes,water shakers, water gongs, watermelons and wooden bowlsfloating in water. And it controls the speed of the water flowand other means, so that the water makes a variety ofdifferent sounds, and creates a rich mysterious melody."Water Music" is not created strange voices, but to achieveinner freedom, and raise awareness of environmentalprotection.

The creative process of water music is morecomplicated. Tan Dun once stayed in the Shanghai SwimmingHall, and record the sounds of swimmers in the water. In hisimagination, the sound of "bang" should be lying flat intothe water. He also stayed in the water, listening to the wateragain and again, in prior to constant refinement of the idealsound.

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