Tap! up and saw him holding up his

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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Tap! Tap!.

..I type away on my laptop as per usual as I sip my tea in the coffee shop that is not too far from my home. Just a few blocks down and around the corner.

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The mood is chill and grown with the sense of peace and ambition. It’s a normal hotspot for business people like me who type away on their laptops and phones trying to get through documents and send out as many emails as possible. However, it does get boring. The same old me drinking the same old tea typing away at the same old laptop in the same old coffee shop with the free wifi.

…Cling! Cling!…The door’s jingling bell at the front of the shop chimes in as people walk in. I don’t normally look up, not even when I am waiting for someone to show up. Today was different. I was sitting there staring at a blank screen with my boring old tea in my hands. Out of curiosity, I decided to look around the room to see what kinds of people were at work today but there weren’t many to begin with.

Suddenly, the bell jingled and a young man walked in. He seemed different from everyone else, his aura and vibe was different. I guess you could say he was a hipster of some sort.

…Drip! Drip!…He grabbed his drink and sat down a couple of seats away from me. He opened up his laptop and plugged a usb wire into it. He then pulled out an insanely beautiful camera, something I knew the bare minimum about. He sipped his drink and began to work. I could help but stare and wonder what he was doing. He picked up his drink then noticed me staring like an idiot at him.

I quickly turned away and pretended to type something. I then looked up and saw him holding up his camera. I sat up straight and he snapped a shot of me.…Click! Click!…He went to work on his laptop. I sat there waiting to know what he was developing. I tried to complete my work but I was unable to.

Finally, he beckoned me over to show me his creation. On his screen was a beautiful edited picture of me. It captured the life of the coffee shop as well as the working girl I was. The day came to an end at the coffee shop.

I left with a new picture and a new friend.

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